Headphones & In ears for drummers

In recent years a large part of on-stage monitors is replaced by in-ear monitors or isolation headphones. Drummers need this part of equipment and it is good that they exist. 


We tried to answer the most common questions about headphones for drummers. Should I buy in-ear or regular headphones? What are the best headphones for drummers and can I find them on a budget? What level of isolation do they provide? You get the point, we provide in-depth analysis about main differences in quality, price sound an level of isolation.

Home practice is a must when it comes to all musicians. In order to grow, we need to spend many hours practicing. However, every drummer who lives in the apartment experienced the issue of not having a real drum set by him. In order to compromise that we need to use drum pads, knee drum pads, electronic drums. 

We researched marked in order to find the best drum pads for home practice. What they offer, how much do they cost and what are the differences between them.

Practice pads

Electronic pads

Whether it’s electronic drums or some other part of electronic drum equipment they are an important member of a modern drum set. We use electronic sample pads for loops, triggers and to implement some electronic or percussion sounds to our drum set. 

Electronic multi pads offer a wide range of possibilities. We analyze them step by step. From the connectors to the storage, sound base, quality of the pads and buttons and all the other useful features they are offering.

Often in the background, but aspire that drum thrones make an important part of drum gear especially for drummers on the road or playing long gigs. They do get expensive, after all it’s just a throne but comfort should not suffer. Your body will know how to thank you. 

The size, comfort and stability are the most important feature of a drum throne. Also, the fact of having a backrest can change a lot for drummers with back problems. We compare the best on budget drum thrones.

Drum thrones


There are many unclear things for young drummers regarding drumsticks. There are some myths about practicing with heavy sticks as well. We made a full guide about drumsticks where we answered the web’s most popular questions. if you are a beginner here you will find what are the best drumsticks, what is the difference between 5a and 7a and many other useful tips and tricks.

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