Drummer Hearing Loss and How to Avoid it?

June 14, 2023

Drummer hearing loss is a common problem. If you are wondering can drummer loss hearing?

Yes, it’s possible because playing the drums makes a lot of noise, and if drummers do not wear adequate protection, their hearing can be damaged by loud noise. 

The next question is mostly how can we report, and should drummers wear ear protection? 

Drummers should wear ear protection because loud music can avoid hearing loss. There are several options in protective equipment that you can use. Below you can read about the protection in question.

How do drummers protect their ears?

It is important to use professional and quality equipment for drummers to protect their hearing from damage or complete loss. 

Depending on your budget and what is more comfortable and practical for you, you can choose between:

  • Headphones 
  • In-ear monitors
  • Earplugs

Many factors make headphones different from, for example, earplugs, but also the fact that there are certain criteria when choosing them.

Looking for comfort? Go with Headphones

ear protect for drummers

Headphones provide the best comfort due to their great use. The reasons why they are the most comfortable option are:

• They go directly to the ear

• Pleasant material from which they are made

• Provides ventilation

Unlike in-ear monitors and earplugs, the headphones do not go directly to the ear, making them more comfortable when playing. 

What makes them even more comfortable is the material from which they are made so that we can pay special attention to the choice of headphones.

They are mostly made of a material that enables ventilation, which is extremely important. 

The reason drummers can opt for in-ear monitors or earplugs if it is a matter of comfort is the duration of playing because the possibility of sweating is higher.

Looking for sound isolation? Go with in ear monitors

protect ears

Drummers are decided for earplugs or in-ear monitors at big concerts or performances with higher volume because they produce better isolation from noise. The reasons why in-ear monitors are better hearing protection are:

  • They go directly to the ear and make better isolation
  • They can be built by an earmold

The headphones and earplugs provide adequate protection by creating extremely low pressure on the ears. 

Still, because in-ear monitors enter directly into the ear, unlike headphones, better sound isolation is created, and thus hearing protection is more effective. 

A special advantage is that there is a possibility of making these products according to the mold of the ear, which will contribute to even better isolation of the sound itself. 

You can get a pair of in-ear monitors made from a mold taken mainly in two ways by going to an audiologist. One is by digitally scanning the eardrum; the other way is with a silicone mold. 

Some companies produce filters in earplugs, so you can change them depending on how loud the music is at the event you are playing.

Looking for the cheapest option for ear protection? Go with earplugs

drummer hearing loss

Factors affecting the cost of ear protection

Earplugs are the cheapest option due to the least protection from loud noise. There is a large selection of cheap and affordable headphones, ear monitors, and earplugs. The elements that affect the price of the product are:

•     What material they are made of

•     Are they made to measure

•     Do they have any additional equipment

•     What level of noise protection do they provide

The price is affected by some of this equipment’s special benefits. Headphones can be found at very low prices, making them very affordable. 

If you decide to use more money on headphones, you can find headphones that are great benefits. Some companies have taken quality to the next level to protect their hearing better. 

One is that the some headphones can detect the volume, and the device adjusts the attenuation itself. With in-ear monitors, the price difference is from special benefits such as whether the drummer’s earmold will make it. 

Some manufacturers also have a special option for the headphones to be in the mold of your ear; for example, you can get different colors of headphones to help determine which is for the right and left ear.

Do drummers wear earplugs?

Drummers use them, but much less often than headphones or in-ear monitors. 

Due to the poor isolation of earplugs, drummers will prefer to use in-ear monitors, especially if it is a big concert where the noise level is high, because it will protect their hearing and allow them to hear sounds coming from outside.

How do drummers prevent tinnitus?

To prevent tinnitus, drummers use earplugs. Still, special advice is to buy a few pairs of earplugs to have them in a situation.

Famous musicians with hearing loss

Until technology developed to such a high level, musicians did not have such opportunities for good equipment before. 

Loud music is one of the reasons why many of them have lost their hearing, and some of them are Neil Young, Ozzy Osbourne, Phil Collins, Eric Clapton, and the famous composer Ludwig van Beethoven.

Wrap up

If you want to preserve your hearing and also have comfort while playing, we advise you to decide to buy headphones or in-ear monitors. 

You can prevent tinnitus with earplugs, but they are not the best solution for concerts that produce a lot of noise or some band rehearsals that last longer. 

If you plan to set aside a larger amount of money, the best choice is to buy in-ear monitors tailored to your ear according to the latest standards. Not only will you protect your hearing, but you will also enjoy the sounds that come from outside.

Denis Loncaric
Denis Loncaric

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