Drum That Privacy Policy

Drumthat’s privacy policy outlines how the website https://drumthat.com collects, uses, communicates, and makes use of personal information of its users.


Information may include the date and time of visits, the pages viewed but also time spent on the site, the websites visited before and after visiting https://drumthat.com


Drumthat.com also collects IP addresses, which are used to identify a user’s computer, when connected to the internet. Email information, including the content of messages, and the email addresses of the sender, may also be collected if a user chooses to correspond with the website via email. 


This information may be used to administer the website’s business activities, provide customer service, and make other items, and services available to users. Drumthat.com will not obtain personally/identifying information about users, unless the user chooses to provide it, and this information will not be sold, or transferred to third parties without the user’s approval. 


Drumthat.com may disclose information when legally compelled to do so, or when necessary to protect its, legal rights. The website complies with the CAN-SPAM Act, and allows users to opt-out of receiving communications, from the website and its partners at any time by following the unsubscribe instructions provided in such communications.


Use of Cookies:

As described in the privacy policy, the website https://drumthat.com uses cookies, to collect information about how the site is used. This includes: date and time of visits, the pages viewed, time spent on the site, and the websites visited before, and after visiting https://drumthat.com

IP Addresses:

https://drumthat.com collects IP addresses as part of demographic and profile data known as “traffic data,” which allows the website to send data, such as requested web pages to users.

Email Information:

If a user chooses to correspond with https://drumthat.com through email, the website may collect the content of the messages, and the email addresses of both the sender and recipient. This information will be used in accordance, with applicable federal law and will be treated with the same protections as other forms of personal information.

How Do We Use The Information That You Provide To Us?:

The website https://drumthat.com uses the personal information provided by users, for the purpose of administering its business activities, providing customer service, and making other items and services available to users. Drumthat.com will not obtain personally/identifying information about, a user unless the user chooses to provide it, and this information will not be sold or transferred to third parties without the user’s approval.

Email Policies:

https://drumthat.com is committed to keeping the email addresses of its users, confidential. The website will not sell, rent, lease its subscription lists, to third parties, and it will not provide personal information to any third party individual, government agency, or company unless strictly compelled to do so by law. The website will use users’ email addresses solely to provide timely information about the website and its services.

Use of External Links:

https://drumthat.com may contain links to external websites. Drumthat.com is not responsible for the privacy practices, or the content of these external websites.

Intellectual Property Rights:

The website https://drumthat.com and its content are protected by intellectual property rights. Users are not allowed to use the website, or its content for any commercial purpose without the express written permission of https://drumthat.com.

Acceptable Use:

Users of https://drumthat.com are expected to use the website in a responsible and legal manner. Any use of the website or its content that is unlawful, or in violation of the website’s terms of use is strictly prohibited.

Restricted Access:

https://drumthat.com reserves the right to restrict access, to the website or certain parts of the website at its sole discretion and without notice.

Use of Testimonials:

https://drumthat.com may display testimonials, from satisfied customers on the website. These testimonials are genuine and accurately represent, the experiences of the customers.

How Do We Protect Your Information And Secure Information Transmissions?:

https://drumthat.com takes the security of its users’ personal information seriously and has implemented appropriate measures to protect it. The website also has measures in place, to secure information transmissions.

Disclaimer And Limitation Of Liability:

https://drumthat.com is not responsible for any errors or omissions on the website or for any actions taken based on the information, provided on the website. The website and

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