The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a US copyright law that provides a framework for dealing with allegations of copyright infringement. This policy outlines the procedures, for copyright owners such as drumthat.com to report alleged infringements of their protected works and for service providers, like drumthat.com, to respond to such notices.

Under the DMCA, copyright owners in this case drumthat.com have the right to request, that online service providers remove or disable access to material that allegedly infringes on their copyrights. 

To make such a request, the copyright owner (drumthat.com) or their authorized representative must provide a written notice, to the service provider’s designated DMCA agent, which includes certain specific information, such as the identity of the copyrighted work, the location of the allegedly, infringing material, and the contact information of the complaining party. 

Service provider is then required, to take down the allegedly infringing material or disable access to it without notice.

If a user believes that material they have posted has been wrongly removed, due to a copyright infringement claim, they can send a counter notification to the service provider’s DMCA agent (drum that team), stating that they have a good faith belief that the material was removed by mistake or misidentification. The service provider may then restore, the material in question, unless the copyright owner takes legal action to prevent it.

This policy also includes a repeat infringer policy, under which the service provider, may terminate the accounts of users who are determined to be repeat infringers.

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