How Much Do Drum Lessons Cost For Beginners?

One of the questions that we can hear when someone is interested in drum lessons is – How much do drum lessons cost for beginners. To make this search easier for you, we will answer what the factors of the process that affect the price of classes are.

The optimal price set for drum lessons is $15-$50 monthly for online platforms. 

The second option is one on one lesson with a drum teacher. Way better and way more expensive. 

One hour drum lesson costs the same as the whole month’s subscription on a drumming platform or even five times more.

For example, a drum lesson with master drummer Dave Weckl costs $250 an hour and there is a waiting list. This amount will ensure the whole year of drumming on some platform.

I think that’s is what you spend your money on in the beginning, then skip to a local teacher and only after a few years when you ready go to a master drummer. 

Factors affecting the price 

Several factors affect how much an hour of drums lessons costs beginners and whether it will cost $ 15 or $ 50. Read below the factors that affect the price of the drum lessons.

how much do drum lessons cost

#1 To study online or live?

There is always the possibility of online or live drum lessons for all students. If you are a beginner or have minimal knowledge, you are more likely to join live classes. The advantages are great, and some of them are:

• Better interaction with the professor

• Better knowledge characteristic of the instrument

• Greater and faster progress in mastering the technique of playing

Also, if you do not have your instrument, online classes are difficult to implement. There is only the possibility of theoretical learning, but not practical. 

So, if you do not have your instrument, choose live lessons so that you can apply the knowledge in practice. Online teaching has its advantages, but in the case of a beginner, it is not the right choice, and therefore classes can be found very easily on various platforms on the Internet.

Because of all these benefits of live lessons, it is necessary to set aside more money for this form of drum lesson, from 20 to 40 dollars per hour. You can pay a lower price for drum lessons for younger children because it is very likely that their lessons will last 30 minutes, not one hour. 

#2 Individual or group drum lessons?

Why are individual lessons expensive?

How much a drum lesson will cost for beginners also affects whether you will choose individual classes or group classes. 

Due to higher learning efficiency and better results, beginners generally choose individual lessons. These are just some of the reasons why individual lessons are better:

• The teacher deals with only one student

• The student achieves better results

• Errors are corrected faster and more efficiently

As the teacher dedicates himself only to that student in the individual lesson, and his problems in learning to play the drums, this influences the price. 

It is necessary to set aside an average of about $ 30 for an hour for individual classes. Due to the high cost of individual lessons, there is also the possibility of learning in a drum school with a larger number of students. 

Group teaching does not have the possibility of sufficient engagement of teachers for each student individually. 

Due to this lack and the price of an hour of drum lessons or a monthly drum rate, setting aside significantly less money is necessary. Courses can be found for a cheaper price, at $ 15 per hour.

#3 Location

Why is location important?

Depending on your geographical location, it will also depend on how much drum lessons for beginners cost. We can see that many drum schools are adapted for beginners almost everywhere, and classes take place in small groups. 

Courses are paid monthly. For the monthly income of the course in countries with lower living standards, it is necessary to set aside about 20 to 30 dollars a month. 

At the same time, courses of a similar form in some well-known schools in high-standard countries cost incomparably more.

price of drum lessons for beginners

#4 The choice of teachers

Can the choice of teacher affect the cost of drum lessons? Yes, of course

A lot of parameters affect the price when choosing a drum teacher; we will single out some of them:

• Adequately educated

• Experience

• Reputation

• Genre

You will probably notice a difference in the price of classes between self-taught and highly educated professors in that field. 

If you decide to attend classes with a highly educated professor in that field, you will likely set aside a larger amount of money for a one-hour lesson and an average of 40-50 dollars per hour.

One of the important factors influencing the price when choosing a professor is experience. The greater the experience of working with students, the higher the prices are.

Suppose a professor has gained a good reputation working with students and achieved great success. In that case, the cost of classes for those professors is higher than for professors whose students achieve poorer results.

A very important element is the genre. If you are a beginner and know exactly what kind of music you are interested in and what you want to learn in drum lessons, you will also consider whether that professor is specialized in that genre only. 

We can find professors of drums of different genres such as – pop, rock, jazz, Latin, etc.

These are just some of the factors that how much drum lessons cost for beginners. Include all the parameters and your wishes and thus make the best choice for you that will bring you the desired results and the price that suits you.

Online drum lessons

Here I will discuss and compare a few options available online just so you can see how the price varies.

dave weckl drum lessons

Dave Weckl – monthly Billing cancel any time.

You need to set aside at least $ 30 for a monthly amount, whether you decide to study with one of the famous drummers or on an online platform.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional; you can go to drum lessons at world-famous drums such as Dave Weckl,

On the Dave Weckl platform, you have the opportunity for online classes, which is a great advantage if you want to learn from him and you are not geographically able to be closer. David Weckl offers several options that are currently at a special discount:

  • Monthly Billing – $ 30
  • Six month Plan – Discounted – $ 165 every 6 months
  • Annual Billing – Discounted – $ 300 per year

Depending on how much money you want to spend on drumming lessons with Dave Weckl, you may notice that there are 3 options, of which the special benefit is that you can cancel Monthly Billing at any time.

drum lesson platform

Drumeo – monthly price is $ 20

There are online platforms if you don’t want to learn from one particular drummer or you don’t want to learn that music. How much do drumming lessons cost for beginners on one of the most famous learning platforms? The monthly price is $ 20. If we look at it, it’s $ 10 less than you would pay at Dave Weckl’s school. Unlike Dave Weckl on the Drumeo platform, you have the opportunity to focus on more types of music:

  • Electronic
  • Punk
  • Funky
  • Jazz
  • Prog
  • Countr
  • Metal
  • Rock
learn drums online

Drum ambition – First month for free

The great thing is that no matter what style you decide on, the monthly price of drum lessons will be $ 20. In addition, another particularly good thing is that you have the first month for free.

The site is specially designed for drum lessons for beginners and has been doing so successfully for 20 years. On this platform, you can see how much an hour of drums costs and how you can pay:

• Monthly – $ 29

• Annually – $ 149

mikes lessons

Mike Johnston – 6-month plan 1 month free

You can see similar prices as Dave Weckl at the site  of Mike Johnston. He is an American drummer and is a platform for online drum lessons where you can learn by following live or pre-recorded drum lessons. The prices and opportunities it provides are:

  • Monthly – $ 29.99
  • 6 Month Plan – $ 149.95 (1 month free)
  • Annual Plan – $ 269.90 (3 months free)

If you opt to learn drums with Mike Johnston, you can have special benefits such as 1 month free if you pay for 6 months of lessons, or even 3 months free if you pay for the annual drum lesson plan, which is a cheaper option than with Dave Weckl.

Wrap up

We reach the end so let’s summarize. How much do drum lessons cost? $15-$50 monthly but that’s when you chose to learn drums on an online platform like Drumeo.

On average this road will cost you $30 a month.

A better but more expensive option is one on one lessons either live or online but will cost you $50-$250 per hour.

The main difference is that now you’ll have someone to tell you when you are doing something wrong.

I would suggest starting slowly with any of the online platforms I mention but you can get better than one on one lessons. With the right teacher, you’ll progress progressively. 

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