Drumeo In Ear Monitors Review – Good Bang For Buck?

January 12, 2024

Drumeo In-ear monitors offer a compelling option for drummers seeking a balance of sound quality, comfort, build quality, and affordability. Their triple-driver setup delivers a full range of frequencies and provides a natural EQ sound.

The sleek design and variety of ear tips ensure a comfortable and secure fit, while the included accessories add value to the package. Priced at $149, the Drumeo EarDrums offer excellent value for money compared to high-end alternatives.

After extensively testing Drumeo’s in-ear monitors in a variety of drumming sessions, from long practice runs to intense live performances, I’ve gained a deep appreciation for their exceptional sound quality and comfort. While they stand out for their ability to isolate drumming sounds and deliver clear, crisp audio, it’s important to note that their full potential is best realized when used with Drumeo’s comprehensive audio system. 

My experience revealed that these in-ears are a top choice for serious drummers, offering a blend of auditory precision and durability that’s hard to match. 

drumeo iems review



  • Driver type 2 dynamic drivers+ 1 balanced armature
  • Frequency range 18hz – 22
  • Sound isolation -29 db
  • Impedance (at 1khz) 18
  • Sensitivity (at 1khz) 97 db


Sound Quality

The Full Range of Frequencies – The Drumeo EarDrums are designed to handle the full spectrum, ensuring you can hear every beat, every note, and every nuance of your performance.

The Three-Driver Setup – The Drumeo in ear monitors feature a three-driver setup, which includes two dynamic drivers and one balanced armature. This setup is specifically designed to ensure that the full band is covered. 

You’ll get some nice clean bass with these monitors, the highs are nice and clear, and the vocals will stand out right in front where they need to be. This results in a natural EQ’d set of in-ears that provide a balanced sound across all frequencies.

Clarity and HeadroomIn terms of clarity, the Drumeo EarDrums deliver. They provide a good amount of headroom, essential when dealing with the loud volumes that drummers often face. 

This means you can crank up the volume when you need to without worrying about distortion. The vocals stand out right where they need to be, ensuring you can hear your bandmates clearly even when you’re on stage.

Build Quality

Design and MaterialThe Drumeo in ear monitors are designed with a drummer’s needs in mind. The earpieces could be chunky, a common issue with many in-ear monitors. 

This sleek design enhances comfort and ensures a secure fit, reducing the chances of the monitors falling out during a performance.

The material used in these monitors is also worth noting. While the scripts don’t specify the exact material, the build quality is implied to be robust and reliable, capable of withstanding regular use.

Cables and Connectors – One of the standout features of the these in-ear monitors is their color-coded cables. This thoughtful design element simplifies the setup process, especially for beginners. 

The right cable is marked with a red dot, and the left has a blue one. This color-coding system eliminates any confusion and ensures a correct and quick connection.

Moreover, the cables are designed to be wound up for storage, reducing the chance of tangling, a common pain point with in-ear monitors. This feature shows attention to detail in the design and enhances the user experience.Ear Drums

What Comes in the box?

  • Drumeo EarDrum IEMs
  • 3 Eartip Options (3 Sizes Each)
  • Detachable Cable
  • 1/4 Adapter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Drumeo Carrying Case

Price and Value

Consider the sound quality, the comfort and fit, the build quality, and the included accessories. 

The Drumeo EarDrums, with their affordable price and thoughtful features, offer excellent value for money, making them a great choice for drummers on a budget or those just starting their journey into the world of in-ear monitoring.

Drumeo EarDrums come with various ear tips in different sizes and types, a cleaning tool, and a quarter-inch to mini adapter.

 They even include a travel case for easy storage and transportation. These thoughtful inclusions add to the overall value of the product.

At the lower end of the price spectrum, you’ll find in-ear monitors like the Drumeo EarDrums, priced at a very accessible $149 in July, 2023. 

This might sound like a significant investment for some, especially beginners, but when you consider the spectrum of in-ear monitors, it’s actually more affordable.

On the other hand, high-end in-ear monitors, especially those with custom molds and multiple drivers, can easily run into thousands of dollars. 

These are typically used by professional musicians and audiophiles who require the best sound quality and comfort.

drumeo in ear monitors review

Comfort and Fit

These IEMs are designed with comfort in mind. The earpieces could be chunky, a common issue with some in-ear monitors. Instead, they resemble molded-style ears, which are generally more comfortable and provide a better fit. 

This design ensures they sit comfortably in your ear, reducing the likelihood of falling out during a performance or practice session.

One of the key features of the Drumeo EarDrums monitors is the variety of ear tips included in the package. You get three different sizes and types of ear tips: the regular round silicone, the pyramid cone style, and the black foam. 

Among the three types of ear tips, the black foam ones deserve special mention. These ear tips provide the best isolation, offering up to minus 30 dB of ear protection. 

They expand in your ear, forming a tight seal that enhances sound quality and isolation.

While they are designed to fit most sizes, it’s important to remember that everyone’s ears are different. What works perfectly for one person might be less comfortable for another. 

Therefore, it’s crucial to try out the other ear tips and find the one that fits you best.

There’s a great deal to appreciate about the Drumeo EarDrums. First and foremost, their triple-driver setup stands out, ensuring a balanced and comprehensive sound range that captures every intricate detail of drumming performances.

The monitors offer clean bass, clear highs, and prominent vocals, resulting in a natural, EQ’d sound that brings out the best in any music style.

Another noteworthy feature is their build quality; the design is thoughtfully tailored for drummers, offering a comfortable and secure fit that’s crucial during energetic sessions. The inclusion of various ear tips, including the black foam ones providing up to minus 30 dB of ear protection, enhances the overall user experience, catering to different preferences and ear sizes.

The thoughtful addition of color-coded cables simplifies setup, particularly for beginners, and the included accessories, like the carrying case and cleaning brush, add significant value.

At $149, the Drumeo EarDrums strike a perfect balance between quality and affordability, making them an excellent choice for drummers of all levels, especially those who are budget-conscious or just starting their journey with in-ear monitors.

How I tested

For my comprehensive testing of Drumeo’s in-ear monitors, I assembled a diverse group of drummers, each bringing a unique perspective to the evaluation process: Nenad, a session drummer who regularly plays in studio settings; Sinisha, a touring rock musician used to loud environments; Vlada, a jazz percussionist with a keen ear for sound nuances; and Milos, a beginner enthusiastic about home practice. 

Over several weeks, we tested these monitors in various scenarios: studio recording sessions, live stage performances, and at-home practice setups. My personal testing included rigorous sessions with different music genres to assess sound quality, comfort, and durability. 

As a drummer and percussionist with over 15 years of experience, I’m deeply passionate about drumming. My insights and writings have earned recognition in Drum Magazine, reflecting my commitment to the drumming community. 

I focus on providing authentic advice and well-researched recommendations, drawing from extensive hands-on experience. My aim is to deliver relatable and informative content that supports drummers of all levels in their musical journey.

Denis Loncaric
Denis Loncaric

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