9 Most Unique Gifts for Drummers | Free to $2000

Since you’re here I know that you are trying to find the perfect gift for any drummer.

Don’t worry I got your back! 

I’ve been drumming for 15 years now so, I think I have enough credibility to suggest some cool gift ideas. Drum equipment gets expensive so there’s a lot of things that just can’t get in line.

This is not a guide of the most expensive, cheapest nor things that every drummer needs but all the cool gifts for drummers that will mean a lot a be remembered for a long time.

Drummers are very similar. We all have similar goals and if you help us achieve them, well I guess you will get some drummer’s love in return.

There are three things every drummer wants:

  1. To become a better drummer
  2. To be revered by other drummers or other musicians
  3. To meet his idols or have some sort of communications

The best parts of this list of gifts I made is that some of them are free, some gift budget is set by you, and only some of them have a fixed price.

We wanted to make sure this is a unique drummer gift that will worth something to every drummer. 

If you help them grow or buy something that will make their life easier, they will remember this for a long time.

This is the list of the best gifts for drummers:

  1. Their favorite drummer wishing them a happy birthday  Free or $20-$400
  2. Improving drummer’s social network account  $20-$2000
  3. Book a private drum lesson $20-$150
  4. Purchase an instructional DVD subscription $10-$30
  5. Make a website  $50-$1000
  6. Buy a splash cymbal  $90-$110
  7. Buy a drum pad $20-$120
  8. Buy a cool drum gadget $30-$300
  9. Buy headphones/in-ear monitors/custom in-ear monitors $100-$2000

Their favorite drummer wishing them a happy birthday​ Price: Free or $20-$400

As a drummer, we all have idols who would like to meet and shake their hand. I got surprised a few years ago with the best gift I could imagine.

My wife arranged a video message from a famous drummer called Dennis Chambers. Check it out.

A cool gift that any drummer would like and free also right?

Let me tell you how she arranged this.

She found out who do I follow on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube.

Then, she contacted a lot of them with a message like “Hey, can you record a video message to my husband, he is a fan of yours, etc.

In the next seven days, she got 2 responses and one of them happens to be one of my greatest influences. Some drummers are hard to get but they are not primadonnas and in some cases, they will respond.

It is a quantity game. If you contact 30 of them at least 2 will respond.

This gift is more than cool and free, it just needs your effort.

Plan B in case that doesn’t work

Go to Cameo, find some popular drummer, and pay him to record a video message.

Check out the example of Mike Portnoy, one of the world’s most famous drummers recording a birthday message.

Price : $20-$400

Improving the drummer's Social Network Account Price: $20-$2000

drummers of instagram

Drummers nowadays are on Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube. Everybody wants to get their name heard and recognized. In order to do that they need to grow following on their profiles.

It would be cool if you could help them achieve that right?

If you decide to go this path you have 3 options:

  1. Go online, watch a few courses, go on Youtube or Google, and find out how to grow the social network account. From my experience, this is painfully slow. 
  2. Pay the ad campaign to promote their account. Before you do that find out more about how to launch a successful campaign. Unless you are not a marketing expert there is a strong chance of spending money and not getting the results you are looking for.
  3. Pay the expert. Go on Fiverr, Upwork, or google for social networks expert that can help you. Check their reviews, make sure they are legit, and save your time. Go for the “organic grow” marketing experts only. 

I would pay the expert and rather than the risk of losing my time and money. Since you can’t become an expert overnight it is a good investment. 

Depending on the amount you are willing to invest you can get an initial push, grow a lot of followers or open some doors to your drummer. I assure you such a gift will be remembered.

I follow a lot of upcoming drummers on Instagram and let me tell you how the game work for them. They put a lot of work to showcase their talent and grow the account. 

After that, other pages and people start sharing their videos. At the same time drum companies who made cymbals, drums, snare drums, drum bags, and so on are looking for a new guy who will represent their brand.

When the drummer draws the attention to these companies he gets their products as an endorsement, they made him videos and pay for appearances on drums festivals and clinics around the world and open many doors for him.

That’s why having success online is essential for young drummers and to help him get there would great gift.

Heads up!!!

Do not purchase scammy “get 1000 followers in a day” gigs. You will get 1000 followers from fake accounts, lose them in a week, and risk your account being blocked or deleted.

Book a private drum lesson in person or online Price: $20-$150

drum lesson gift for drummer

Many famous drummers are doing private online lessons through Skype, Zoom, or some other platform.

In most cases, you can send them a direct message through their website or Instagram account. 

What’s the catch?

Booking a drum lesson with some popular young drummer through Instagram will go smoothly.

On the other hand booking, a lesson with a master drummer can be a little bit difficult. You can end up on a waiting list for a few weeks or even months.

Some famous drummers will do lessons from time to time, not on a regular basis. These are special occasions where you need to pay close attention to that drummer and wait for the announcement.

Having a regular drum lesson in not so exciting as having a lesson with your idol. Try to find who is their favorite drummer and see if he does online lessons.

Here are some drummers you can contact for the online lessons:

In order for this gift to become even better try to find out what is his favorite drummer or at least the top 5 and see if any of them do this sort of thing.

Having a lesson with these guys I mention will improve his skills but having a chance to meet his favorite drummer and to have a 1 on 1 lesson with him will blow his mind.

Purchase an instructional DVD or subscription Price: $10-$30

drummers gift dvd

Drum masters who do private lessons are endangered specie. But, they all have drum lessons recorded in the form of a DVD, online school, or website subscription.


Buying some old DVD that was popular 10 years ago will not do the work. Here are few suggestions of the DVDs that are currently popular in the drummer’s world


Some of the famous platforms where you can pay for the subscription and get access to a lot of drumming videos are. This way drummers get a lot of practice materials. Here are the most popular platforms.

Online school

Some drummers teach trough their website in groups and 1 on 1. This is a cool gift for any drummer to have some fun and learn some new groves and techniques. Here are my suggestions for well established and proven drummers:

Make a website, logo, graphic motion logo Price: $50-$1000

best gift for drummer

Go to Fiverr and pay somebody as less as $30 to make you a website.

Send him photos, videos and write “about me” section, that should be enough.

Simple as that by tomorrow your drummer could have his own website with all of his materials on one spot. 

The drumming community will take him more seriously and he will have a great starting point for enhancing his online presence.

With a website, you will need to pay a domain (the name of the website like drummer.com) and a hosting (website server). Don’t worry about that.

The website developer will do that for you and it will cost $20-40 more. So, for the amount of $50 you can have your website online in 24 hours.

Along with the website you can make him a logo using some tools like Freepik.com. They have large base of premade logos, just download it, open it with Adobe Ilustrator and tweak a little bit.

Also, you can make it using logo maker tools. In case you don’t want to get your hands dirty you can always find a graphic designer on Upwork or Fiverr. It takes just a few minute to make an account. You can either post a job or contact few guys who have good rating.

As an addon you can pay someone to do a graphic motion of his logo so he can use this to brand his videos. 

buy a splash cymbal, the cymbal that doesn't come with a basic set Price: $90-$110

splash cymbal

Drummers are obsessed with drum equipment. Cymbals and drums are on top of their list.

The smallest cymbals are called splash and you can get them for around $100. You can always get him crash, ride, hi-hat cymbal but this time I will stick to around $100 cymbals.

I don’t want you to buy some terrible sounding cymbals so let me give you a few references that any drummer will like.

Order from a website that sells musical instruments like Amazon, Sweetwater, eBay, or just go to a first music store in your town. Splash does not come with basic cymbals set and many drummers don’t have this cymbal, which makes it a perfect gift.

buy a cool drum gadget currently hot Price: $30-$300

Nowadays the market is overflowed with all sorts of drum gadgets. Here are few that I like:

sounbrenner steel core
use code DRUMTHAT to get free shipping

Metronome watch by Soundbrenner – It has features of a smartwatch but in addition, it has a valuable musician’s features. This is the most popular drum gadget in the last 5 or 6 years with various features. Here is the list:

  1. Vibrating metronome
  2. Accept/decline calls
  3. Time/date
  4. Smartphone notifications
  5. Can be used as a tuner
  6. Measures dB
  7. Multiple lighting options
  8. Create and manage your setlist
  9. App controller
  10. Determine the tempo of the song

Tune-Bot – A gadget that helps drummers to tune their drums in a couple of minutes.  It comes hard for some drummers to get the perfect pitch and some drum kits are just hard to tune. Sometimes they don’t have time to tune the whole set, that’s where this gadget comes into play. Drum tuning in a couple of minutes will impress any drummer and make his life easier.

Big Fat Snare Drum – This company makes drum heads that you put on your snare drum in order to get a different sound. It becomes very popular among drummers over the last few years. They come in many different shapes. Take a quick tour of their website and check out some of the sounds you like.

buy headphones/in-ear monitors/custom in-ear monitors Price: $100-$2000

drummer gift

This is something drummers are crazy about. Before you purchase anything you need to find out his/her preference whether he likes headphones or in-ear monitors.

Also, be sure to check out does the drummer already has some. If he has you can always shoot for something better.

In case you decide to go for the headphones we made an article about the best isolation headphones for drummers under $300.

If you decide to go for the in-ear monitors here are a few options:

Last but not least. Going for custom in-ear monitors. If you really wanna make somebody feel like a superstar and have something made just for him this is it.

This is the process he/she goes trough.

The company from the video is called Ultimate Ears and they make custom in-ear monitors.

The price of custom in-ear monitors starts around $300 so I strongly suggest checking out all other companies and their pricing before you purchase this type of gift for a drummer.

Custom in-ear monitors are top-notch products in this industry. Everything related to them is customizable. 

They are made to fit each and every individual so they are a match made in heaven for your ear canal. Except that you can design the look and choose harder. By harder I mead number of drivers placed in In ears.

Out of all gifts for drummers this is the one I would be most exited to get.

buy electronic drum pad Price: $300-$700

alesis strike multi pad review

With this electronic device, we step out of the world on budget drum gifts and go into a higher price range.

It’s a device that any drummer wants. Useful for live gigs, home playing, or recording. It is basically a small electronic drum with a lot of possibilities.

I will introduce you to the two best and most popular models but you can always go for something cheaper. The first one is Alesis Strike Multi Pad and the other Roland SPD-SX. They both make a perfect choice for every drummer.

The possibilities of these devices are endless. Loops, metronome, percussion sounds, electronic sounds your own sounds.

Drummers usually add them to their drum kit but they can be used as a small electronic set by adding a few external parts like a bass drum.

This fancy gadget is the more than a drummer can wish. Whether he likes electronic drums or not he will enjoy experimenting and playing around with this thing.


I hope you figure out so far the idea behind this list. You can always be ordinary and buy drumsticks, stick bag, drum key, or some other parts that will not produce the “Wow” effect.

If your goal is just to buy some ordinary gifts for drummers than this list is not for you.

It is not about money as I showed you. There are great ways to surprise somebody by being creative and showing attention.

I think not just drummers but every person will appreciate the cool, creative and unordinary gift but still practical and maybe essential for his career.

If something you are looking for is not on this list. Hit me up on info@drumthat.com maybe I can help you out.

My name is Denis. I am a drummer, percussionist, music enthusiast, and blogger. Drums have been my passion for 15 years now. My idea is to write about the things I like and I am interested in. I want to share my drum passion with fellow musicians who walk, talk, and breathe drums.

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