5 Best Metronome Apps for Drummers (Free & Paid)

June 12, 2023

Metronome apps are necessary for both beginner drummers and professional players. They make your experience and drumming better. You can practice your tempo, speed, and time signatures. 

They can teach you new techniques and offer you backing tracks or sincere tunes to play along with.

In this article, I will talk about the 5 best metronome apps for drummers, both paid and free. If you want to enhance your drumming and focus to have a steady beat, a metronome is your ally. 

These drum apps will make your life easier and boost your progress, so let’s not waste more time and dive in.

Should drummers use a metronome?

Yes, drummers of all levels should use a metronome. This is because the metronome helps you improve your performance. It improves your speed and tempo. 

Thanks to the metronome, you can play different fills and beats at various speeds and time signatures. No matter if you are professional and have an incredible skill level, no matter your playing style, a metronome can always improve your performance.  

Aside from making you a better drummer, it also helps your band stay in sync. Members can program each song’s tempo into their pedals, keyboards, and consoles and memorize the right pace for each song. Playing to a click ensures that everything is in perfect harmony.

5 Best Metronome Apps for Drummers

1. Gap click – The best paid metronome app

Why Gap Click?

I tested more than 20 metronome apps, and so far, this is the best metronome app I have used.

It’s made by Benny Greb’s instructions. Unfortunately, it’s a paid drum metronome app available for both Android and iOS.

But, for $2.99, you get the best metronome app on the market. With a gap click, you can:

  • set the time signature
  • change the click sound
  • set tempo by tapping

and many other things; however, 99% of metronome apps can do that.

The feature that separates gap click from all the other matching apps on the market is its unique feature of using two completely different bars.

This means you can use one bar of 8 notes and one bar of silent, aka “gap,” or you can set various elements and forms to the second bar.

Except for this unique feature, it’s straightforward, easy to use, and stable.

Who it’s Gap Click for?

It’s for all the drummers willing to pay $3 to use the best metronome app with unique features.

These time gaps filled with silent will improve your timing more than other drum metronome apps.

For those who do not want to spend any money, my next on the list is the best free metronome app for drummers.

2. Soundbrenner – The best free metronome app

Why Soundbrenner?

Soundbrenner is a downloadable click app with endless possibilities. 

It doesn’t have the gap option like the one I just showed you, but it has the “Setlist” option handy for drummers playing live concerts.

If you want to use a metronome in your band, you create a set list of songs where each song has a different:

  • time signature
  • tempo
  • subdivisions
  • Accents

When the song is done, you just click on the next.

Apart from this cool feature, it has all the usual metronome features like tap tempo, changing subdivisions, accents, etc.

Same as Gap Click, it’s available for Android and IOS and doesn’t serve ads.

Who it’s the Soundbrenner metronome app for?

It’s for all the live drummers who decided to utilize a metronome in their band.

Playing whole gigs with a click will make your drumming steady and your playing groovy, so if your band approves it, go ahead.

3. Drum Beats+ – Best drum metronome for PC

Why Drum Beats+?

Simply because it offers anything one drummer needs.

It contains around 250 drum beats in diverse styles and tempos ranging from 60 to 190 bpm. It is also available for both Android and iOS devices and is perfect for your PC. 

Drummers can bookmark tracks for fast access and experiment with random beats by using the randomizer button. 

The program offers 15 Beat Packs totaling over 250 beats in various forms, such as rock, jazz, blues, and techno. 

You can even record your practicing and play rhythms over your audio or by using Apple TV. 

Who it’s the Drum Beats+ metronome app for?

Drum Beats+ is a metronome app for drummers who want to improve their time, jamming, and skills. It is one of my favorite choices because it is the best drum metronome app. 

This is because it offers drummers more than 100 drum sets, timing exercises, and a tempo modifier so you can play at your own pace. 

It is for anyone who wants a good app for their PC. This app is very inspiring, especially if you love experimenting and creating new things on your drumset. 

4. Pro Metronome – Best metronome app for Android

Why Pro Metronome?

Besides being an excellent metronome for Android, Pro Metronome is also great for iOS devices. And the best thing of all it is the best free metronome app for drummers.

The free version is ad-free and allows you to do the following:

  • Change the time signature, the sound, including voice and 13 distinct sounds, and the dynamic accents (f, mf, p, and mute signs);
  • Choose between color (graphically presented on-screen beats) and pendulum mode for a visual metronome;
  • Change the BPM with just a tap;
  • Change the volume, use a timer to keep track of your sessions, or convert to landscape mode;
  • Use it while the phone is locked, at home, or in another app;

It also offers many other great features like 13 time-keeping styles, 4 visual modes, and dynamic time signatures.

Who it’s the Pro Metronome metronome app for?

For anyone who doesn’t want to pay extra money for their metronome app and has either Android or iOS devices. 

Pro Metronome is a drum metronome app created specifically for drummers who wish to enhance their rhythm. 

5. Metronome+ – Best metronome app for drummers iPhone

Why Metronome+?

If you desire simplicity, the Metronome + interface is as straightforward as it gets. It is one of the best metronome apps for drummers. Perfect for iOS users and, therefore, iPhone owners. 

I would rather recommend the paid version is worthwhile since it is ad-free and supports background play.

It has several modes, including training, practice, and recording, and each one serves a particular function. 

This app will help you develop your skills and master your drumming by allowing you to record your practice sessions using the built-in metronome. You can even practice chromatic scales using the pitch mode.

You can make and maintain your setlist in the same way that Soundbrenner does. Select from one of the 16 available sounds.

Who it’s the Metronome+ app for?

The Metronome+ is for every drummer that loves simplicity and for only iOS users. Unfortunately, Android users cannot download this app. 

If you prefer customization, Metronome+ will allow you to customize your interface by selecting from various themes and backgrounds.

It does not include any wearables, and Metronome Plus accomplishes what it is designed to do effectively.

It is an ideal app for drummers to better their regular practices, studio sessions, and live performances.

How do drummers know BPM? 

BPM stands for beats for minute. It also stands for the tempo of a song.  To know your BPM, use your metronome. However, some drummers use the good old method of counting off tempos. This is good for your memory, but the metronome helps you with that while you focus on your technique and energy. 

It’s usually a good idea to tackle anything in the 50-70 BPM area. You can do that once you’ve mastered the fundamental beat shown in our course sample. Simplifying drum parts is fine if it makes them easier to perform.

Do drummers use click tracks live?

Yes, drummers use click track live for playing along with backing tracks. Usually, professional drummers use click tracks for practicing and for studio recordings. The studio was once the primary location for the usage of click tracks. 

However, they are currently used in almost all scenarios, including live performances. Many mentioned apps above also include a click track app for drummers.

In Conclusion 

I hope I was able to successfully introduce you to some modern drumming apps.

I discussed free and paid metronome apps, drum tuning apps, drum learning apps, and so on. Overall, they are one of the top and best metronome apps for drummers. 

All these apps are fun, helpful, and used by many drummers worldwide.

Let me know in the comments what is your experience with these apps. Also, if I missed some apps, let me know in the comment, and we can discuss them together. 

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