7 Mind Blowing Drumming Apps (Free & Paid)

In this article, I will talk about the best drumming apps we have today, both paid and free.

These drum apps will make your life easier and boost your progress, so let’s not waste more time and dive in.

7 The Best Drumming Apps

1. Gap click – The best paid metronome app

Why Gap Click?

I tested more than 20 metronome apps, and so far, this is the best metronome app I have used.

It’s made by Benny Greb’s instructions. Unfortunately, it’s a paid drum metronome app available for both Android and iOS.

But, for $2.99, you get the best metronome app on the market. With a gap click, you can:

  • set the time signature
  • change the click sound
  • set tempo by tapping

and many other things; however, 99% of metronome apps can do that.

The feature that separates gap click from all the other matching apps on the market is its unique feature of using two completely different bars.

This means you can use one bar of 8 notes and one bar of silent, aka “gap,” or you can set various elements and forms to the second bar.

Except for this unique feature, it’s straightforward, easy to use, and stable.

Who it’s Gap Click for?

It’s for all the drummers willing to pay $3 to use the best metronome app with unique features.

These time gaps filled with silent will improve your timing more than other drum metronome apps.

For those who do not want to spend any money, my next on the list is the best free metronome app for drummers.

2. Soundbrenner – The best free metronome app

Why Soundbrenner?

Soundbrenner is a downloadable click app with endless possibilities. 

It doesn’t have the gap option like the one I just showed you, but it has the “Setlist” option handy for drummers playing live concerts.

If you want to use a metronome in your band, you create a set list of songs where each song has a different:

  • time signature
  • tempo
  • subdivisions
  • Accents

When the song is done, you just click on the next.

Apart from this cool feature, it has all the usual metronome features like tap tempo, changing subdivisions, accents, etc.

Same as Gap Click, it’s available for Android and IOS and doesn’t serve ads.

Who it’s the Soundbrenner metronome app for?

It’s for all the live drummers who decided to utilize a metronome in their band.

Playing whole gigs with a click will make your drumming steady and your playing groovy, so if your band approves it, go ahead.

3. Drumtune PRO – The best-paid drum tunning app

Why Drumtune PRO?

Drumetune pro is the ultimate drum tuner app. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a free version.

It currently costs $11,99, and it has a 7-day free trial. To compare, drum tuners like Tune Bot cost $100. 

So for 10% of its price, you get an app that does the same thing. Probably not as accurate, but close.

Users claim this app saves time and has an excellent interface. The feature they like best is the possibility to save a preset after they tune drums at specific pitch intervals.

Who it’s Drumtune Pro for?

For all the drummers who like to have their drums in perfect pitch and not waste too much time on “manual” drum tuning.

Also, it’s perfect if you prefer a drum tune app instead of a drum tuner. It’s ten times cheaper, and you can’t lose it.

How do I tune my drums to my phone?

The two best options are the Drumtune Pro app which costs $11, or the Tune Bot device, which helps you tune your drums to a specific pitch. Tune Bot has an app where you can set and save your presets.

4. Drumeo – The best paid app for online drum lessons

Why Drumeo?

Drumeo Edge is paid platform for drum learning. I recently reviewed Drumeo Edge, so if you are interested, go ahead and take a look.

With more than 500 hours of video materials and lessons from legendary drummers such as Simon Philips, Dennis Chambers, and Billy Cobham, Drumeo is the largest platform for learning drums.

It comes at affordable price of less than $30 per month depending on a plan.

They have a great-looking and easy-to-use app available for Android and IOS.

To access it, you must have an active subscription .

Fortunately, Drumeo offers a free trial so have it for a spin, explore and see if it’s for you.

Who it’s Drumeo for?

For all the drummers who want access to an enormous database of drum videos. 

If you are like me and like modern drumming apps that are intuitive, fast and stable, you will like this drum lesson app very much.

The Drumeo app also comes with many playalongs, suitable for all the drummers who have some practice room away from their computers.

Is the Drumeo app worth it?

For the price of just one private lesson, you get a whole month of online drum lessons, which is more than fair.

Is Drumeo any good?

Yes, it’s an excellent platform for beginners and intermediate drummers. 

They offer plenty of fun and educational videos by legendary drummers. 

For the price of $29 a month or even less, if you pay annually, Drumeo is the best choice in terms of value for the money ratio.

5. Moises – The most advance AI app to manipulate music tracks

Why Moises?

The First time I discovered Moises, I froze. It’s scary what it can do.

If you have been in music for a long time, then you know how time-consuming it is to make a drumless track and extract vocals or any other instrument from the song.

The result was that you can always hear the instrument you extracted partially or the track sounds terrible.

Moises revolutionized music manipulation. This app allows you to make a drumless track in seconds. Plus, you can change the tempo, add a metronome, and export it as an mp3.

Who it’s Moises for?

It’s for all musicians who want to manipulate music, no matter the purpose. Vocalists can remove vocals, drummers can remove drums, and so on.

Everything looks simple on Moises, and the results are excellent. 

You could find drumless tracks by ACDC, Led Zeppelin, and old stuff online. But now, you’ll be able to play along the newest music for free.

6. Mixing stations apps

Why Mixing station apps?

Most digital mixer consoles have their own apps available on mobile. These kinds of apps will enable you to have complete control over your own mix.

So, whether you want a bit more bass guitar or fewer vocals, you’ll be able to adjust this.

If your band has a digital mixer, search online to see if it has an app. If yes, you can connect a router to the mixer and quickly get access through Wi-Fi.

Mixers consoles like Yamaha TF3, Behringer X32, Alen & Heat SQ6 all have their own mixing apps.

Who it’s mixing station app for?

For all the drummers who want complete control over their in-ear monitors mix.

Using in ear monitors will block outside noises, and by using the mixing app, you’ll be able to fine-tune your whole band to your preference.

You know that moment when someone gets louder as the gig progresses? Well, it’s gone; you can quickly turn his volume down anytime.

7. Loopz – Best loop app

Why Loopz?

It’s bad to interrupt your practice session to look for drumless playalongs. Instead, try using an app packed with loops.

Loopz is a straightforward and easy-to-use app packed with 80+ loops and more to be added.

Alternative to this is going to YouTube and searching for drumless tracks or loops.

 Unfortunately, this comes with some downsides. For one, annoying ads. Two, you can’t change the tempo. 

Who it’s Loopz for?

For all the drummers who like playing or practicing with loops and being able to access them quickly.

The only downside… Loopz does not have drumless tracks. Fortunately, It’s free so take it for a spin.

Wrap up

I hope I was able to successfully introduce you to some modern drumming apps.

We discussed free and paid metronome apps, drum tuning apps, drum learning apps and so on.

All these apps are fun, helpful and used by many drummers worldwide.

Let me know in the comments if I should add some new app on the list.

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