7 The Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers in 2023

In this post, I will talk about the best in ear monitors for drummers. I was looking for the ones with the following: Sound quality Durability Sound isolation The idea was to find the best IEMS for money, not the most expensive ones with many drivers. My top pick is the Shure SE535 - ...

47 Gifts for Drummers – Get Them to Freak Out

Searching for the perfect gifts for drummers can feel like an uphill battle - we've all been there, drumming our fingers on the table in frustration.By reading this article, you'll gain insights into a diverse range of presents that any drummer would appreciate.In a nutshell, the best gifts range ...

7 Best Electronic Drum Pads in 2023

I researched the market in a quest to find the best electronic drum pad.As a drummer, I fully understand features we need from sampling pads, like to have easy to use interface, different metronome options, soft and large pads, good sound, external input jacks, large screen, etc.I found several ...

Beginner Drum Sticks – Ultimate 101 Guide

I researched the web and tried to find the most common questions about drum sticks. In this article, I answered the 10 most popular web questions I was able to find.Here is what questions I covered in this beginner drum sticks guide:What types of drum sticks exist?What are drum stick sizes?What is ...

In ear Monitors vs Headphones – What Is Drummer’s Preference

IEMS VS Headphones The main difference is in comfort and sound isolation. Headphones win when it comes to comfort. Sometimes it is very hard to get used to in-ears. In-ear monitors have the better sound isolation because the fill your ear canal and block all the external noise.Regarding a price ...

6 Best Isolation Headphones For Drummers – All Under $300

When it comes to isolation, you can hear a lot of terms such as sound-isolating, noise isolating, noise canceling, passive isolation, active cancellation, etc. The sound isolation is one of the main reasons why drummers wear headphones. What is passive sound isolation? In simple words, ...

9 Reasons Why Drummers Wear Headphones

It is typical to see drummers wearing headphones when practicing, rehearsing with the band, recording, or performing. But why are headphones so popular, and why do drummers wear headphones? Is there something special about them that makes them superior to other drivers? Why do drummers wear ...

7 Best Drum Practice Pads to Boost Technique

If you haven’t decided yet what to buy think about the purpose of a practice drum pad.In order to find the best drum practice pad for yourself here is what you should consider.What size of a drum pad I want/need?Does it need to be very quiet?Do I want a drum pad that I can carry everywhere?What is ...

7 The Best Drum Thrones – 2023 Update

How to choose a drum throne? 1st Decision - BudgetFirst thing first, the BUDGET!We are talking about drum thrones in the range of $130 to $220. For anything cheaper, you risk getting a shitty drum throne that:won't lastcan breakis not comfortableWith any of the drum thrones above, you will ...

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