Click Tracks: Best 101 Guide

A click track is a digital audio tool that provides a steady tempo that the band can play along with.  They are typically generated by drum machines or metronomes. Many bands use them regularly for both live and studio sessions. The main benefits include making editing easier and making a ...

What Are Drum Practice Pads?

A majority of drummers own or at the very least are familiar with practice drum pads. However, if you're brand new to drums and you're not sure whether you should purchase drum practice pads, I'll clarify their purpose, how you can utilize the pads, and what features to be looking out for when ...

How to Use a Drum Practice Pad?

The drum practice pads, oh those wonderful things that help each drummer increase their performing level.Almost every drummer uses one and advises beginners to get one for practising. If you are one of those newbies, I will thoroughly explain how to use a drum practice pad. From what and why to use ...

What Is a Drum Throne? Ultimate Guide

It should be a comfortable, stable, and sturdily built throne representing the most vital hardware piece for a drummer. Yes but, what is a drum throne?A "chair or stool" drummer sits on while playing drums.Proper posture when playing the drums paves the way for optimum performance and abilities to ...

How to Make a Steel Drum in 7 Steps

There are a lot of various ways to make a steel drum. We will talk about simply making a steel drum on your own, the homemade version. First of all, you will need some equipment and that equipment includes:Empty Gallon A sledgehammerSpecial tuning hammerGlovesA compassMarkerEarmufsThis process is ...

Useful Tips on How to Play Steel Drum

Okay, now that you know everything about steel drums, do you want to learn something new? If the answer is yes, stay with us and learn how to play steel drums!This part will teach you the most basic and successful techniques for playing steel pan drums. So, keep reading to learn how this instrument ...

Steel Drum History 101

"Steel drum" name Steel tongue drums got their name from the areas shaped like the tongue. This is where you strike the drum to play. The blend of tones is fun to both hear and play. Brief steel drum history The amazing thing about steel drums is that the first steel drums were made of ...

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