What are cymbals with holes?

 What are cymbals with holes?

Cymbals with holes are made in order to produce certain sounds that can be defined as trashy and sharp. Many cymbals fanatics use them for experimenting with sounds and volume. Sabian claims they are the first company who come up with these kinds of symbals in cooperation with Dave Weckl.

The model they made is known as Sabian O-Zone Cymbal from Dave Weckl’s Evolutions series.

The DIfferent companies have different names for these cymbals.

If you have been in the music industry for some time now, you have probably seen some cymbals with holes in them.

Many people find them strange and even wonder if the cymbals have been accidentally damaged.

Here are some types of cymbals with holes:

  • Effects Crasher
  • Splash and Chyna Cymbals
  • Low Volume Cymbals
what are cymbals with holes
Dave Weckl's O-zone Evolution Crash

Effects Crashes

The most popular ones, known for their big holes.

They were given the prefix “effects” because they create specific accents of effects.

However, recently Effects cymbals have been a commonly used term for all kinds of cymbals, even for some who do not have holes.

An outstanding characteristic is that they deliver a more aggressive and sharp sound that produces complex overtones.

There is no one of a kind; the number, size and shape of the holes vary from model to model.

These factors are important for the production of sound and should be considered before buying.

china with holes
Chad Smith's Holly China

Splash and China Cymbals with holes

Deliver a more precise, dryer and quicker sound.

The “Holy China” is the most famous China cymbals designed by Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Low Volume Cymbals

Low volume Cymbals have numerous small holes that actually reduce volume, unlike Effects cymbals that are intended to produce a certain sound.

They can reduce volume up to 80%, said the manufacturers.

This is especially handy for practice sessions, where you need to play the same sound repeatedly.

These cymbals are also lightweight, designed from specialized, flexible alloy.

O-Zone cymbals

Cymbals with holes were actually invented accidentally by the Sabian company.

They named them O-Zone cymbals, and the name is often used today instead of cymbals with holes.

Apart from O-Zone cymbals, we can also hear “ vented” cymbals and “effects cymbals” to refer to the ones with holes.

Difference between regular cymbals and cymbals with holes

Cymbals with holes are more prone to breaking, and you can easily damage them.

Of course, it depends on the person using them and their experience with this instrument.

Plus, some artists love older cymbals because they produce a more mellow sound than new cymbals that produce a bright and loud sound.

A quick tip for beginners, these cymbals are not usually advised for playing the bell because you can damage either the cymbals or the drumsticks.

As for the price, both cymbals and cymbals with holes vary a lot depending on the material, size and brand.

However, cymbals with holes offer you a wide variety of sounds, so if you are a cymbal enthusiast, you just have to own them.

The most popular cymbals with holes

Here is a list of the most popular cymbals with holes according to customers and artists all around the world.

If you are willing to buy cymbals with holes, don’t forget to check out these down below.

  • Zildjian EFX
  • Sabian O-Zone
  • Meinl Trash Crashes

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