How to Ship Cymbals?

Cymbals are very fragile and can be easily damaged during shipping.

If you don’t want to end up with an angry customer, you should try to pack your cymbals the right way and make sure you know how to ship cymbals.

In order to perfectly pack your cymbals, you will need bubble wrap, a large box, cardboard, and tape.

You can also improvise with other materials as long as you pay attention to the method of packing.

Here is how to ship cymbals

  • Surround them in bubble wrap
  • Make an “X” or a “ cross” around them with cardboard
  • Put the wrapped cymbals in a larger box
  • Fill the box with bubble wrap or soft cardboard
  • Make sure there is no space left
  • Close the box with duct tape
  • Write “ Fragile” on the box

If you follow the instructions above, there is no way you will end up with damaged cymbals.

The most important thing is to fill the box with soft cardboard, so the instrument does not flex or knock the edges against the box.

Tips when packing your cymbals

Tips when packing your cymbals

Here are some tips and tricks you should check out before shipping your package.

Pro tip: If you are worried about the edges of the cymbals breaking through, you can cover them in cloth at the points of contact.

If you don’t have soft cardboard, you can also use foam or padding of any kind.

The box should also be at least 1 or 2 inches larger than the cymbals.

Even pizza boxes could do the job right; just make sure you have a lot of padding.

Larger boxes may lead to extra costs, but you can always cut the unnecessary parts and glue them.

how to ship cymbals

Another pro tip: If you don’t have these materials or you are afraid of packing the instrument on your own, you can always go to your local music store and ask for a box for cymbals.

Additional tips

  • In case you want to be extra careful with your package, you can put the cymbals first in one box and then in a larger one.
  • You should also fill the extra space between the boxes with padding or other soft materials.
  • This is usually recommended for over-sea shipping or with an unreliable shipping service.
  • If you can, always check the comments and find the best shipping service that you can trust with your package.
  • You can also tell the workers that pick up your package that it is fragile or tip them for good service.
  • Don’t forget that If you are ordering cymbals, it is good to keep the original packaging in case you move them or decide to sell them.
  • Bottom line, you need to keep the customer happy, so if you need to buy extra material for packaging, ask the customer to refund you afterward.
  • Material is usually cheap, so you don’t have to worry about a few extra bucks.
  • Customers will usually pay a little extra to make sure they get their package delivered safe and sound.

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