Top 5 Ways to Make Money Playing Drums

There are numerous ways to make money playing drums today, offline and online. Certainly, all of them require a different set of skills.  I compiled a list of ways to earn money playing drums for you looking to earn a little bit more money on the side or even transform this into a full-time ...

How Much are Electric Drum Sets in 2022

Electric drum sets are becoming more and more popular these days. But at the same time, they are becoming more and more expensive. Low-cost electric drum sets are for beginners looking for an affordable way to get into the world of drumming, and they can cost a few hundred dollars. If you plan to ...

What is a Snare Drum?

Snare drums are by far the most famous voice in the drum kit. The usage of studio drummers who use an entirely different song to vary the overall sound in the instrument illustrates the theory in practice. Certain players have distinct tones that distinguish them immediately, while others go at ...

How To Tune Your Drums – 101

Although drums can be tuned to specific pitches, however they require tuning to give clear tones. Understanding how to tune your drums can make your sound more natural and will inspire you to perform more frequently. With proper tuning, even a basic drum set can sound fantastic. What you need ...

Best Steel Tongue Drum – 2021 Update

Steel tongue drums can be an excellent place to start if you have yet to explore the musical aspects of drumming. Possibly you’ve heard one in a drum circle or even in a bigger ensemble. If you have no idea what this drum is about, and you are a total newbie in the drum world, don’t worry! Steel ...

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