15 Greatest Female Drummers Alive

Although drumming is dominated by men and generally, men are more interested in drumming.   91% of Drum That followers on Instagram are men.   However, many women well deserve their place among the best drummers globally, and I don't mean just best female drummers.   I don't like to ...

Parts of a Drum Set | Full Gear Guide for Beginners

You want to start drumming but don't know where to start or what equipment you need?Don't worry, we've all been there.I made a gear guide for newbies that will help you out understand what are parts of a drum kit essential for a start, and what parts you can add a later on.One drum set consists of ...

Drum Set Cost Calculator + Full Equipment Guide

How much does a drum set cost? We made this cool drum set cost calculator for you to calculate drums set cost in a second.Click get started and go step by step!In case you want to find out the costs right away without using the Drum cost calculator here it is: Drum set for beginner cost ...

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