The Largest Drum Set in the World: A Symphony of 813 Pieces!

August 30, 2023

Ever wondered about the largest drum set in the world? I did, too, and it’s wild!

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  • Dr. Mark Temperato’s Drum Set: The world’s largest drum set, consisting of a staggering 813 pieces, was crafted by Dr. Mark Temperato, also known as RevM.
  • Inspiration: Mark’s passion for percussion and ambition to push boundaries led him to create this record-breaking drum set.
  • Assembly: The drum set takes up to fifteen hours to assemble, a task Mark often undertakes himself.
  • Unique Components: The set isn’t just about size; it boasts unique additions like wind chimes and Amtrak train horns and features pieces from over fifty manufacturers.
  • Playing the Set: Despite its vast size, Mark has designed the set so he can strike all 340 cymbals without moving from his spot.
  • Showcasing: The drum set has been taken on tour and showcased at concerts worldwide.


mark temperato

The Record Holder and the Drum Set

About the Owner

Dr. Mark Temperato, affectionately known as RevM, is more than just a drummer. With a background in ministry, music, and even movies, he’s a multifaceted individual with a passion that’s hard to match. 

Having been in the music scene for decades, his journey with drums began long before his record-breaking set existed.

The inspiration for creating the world’s largest drum set was sheer ambition and a love for percussion. Mark saw the potential in going beyond the ordinary, pushing the boundaries of what a drum set could be. 

His vision wasn’t just about size but about creating a musical masterpiece. 

Over the years, as he added pieces from all over the world, including unique additions like wind chimes and Amtrak train horns, it became evident that this was more than just a drum set; it was a testament to his dedication and love for the art of drumming.

Creation of the Record-Breaking Drum Set

Building this colossal drum set took a lot of work. In fact, Mark Temperato spent an astounding 36 years meticulously crafting and expanding his drumming marvel. 

Starting with a modest 340 pieces, the set has now grown to a jaw-dropping 813 pieces, each with its own story and significance.

The journey wasn’t without its challenges. Imagine the intricacies of tuning a regular drum set and then magnifying that effort for a set that weighs over 8,000 pounds! 

Transporting the set alone is arduous, requiring it to be disassembled and stored in a 48-foot tractor-trailer. And when it comes to assembly, Mark often takes up to fifteen hours to put each piece in its place, a task he bravely undertakes by himself.

While Mark is undoubtedly the mastermind behind this drumming wonder, he wasn’t entirely alone in his endeavor. Along the way, he collaborated with various craftsmen skilled in drum materials, ensuring that each piece was perfect. 

He also received pieces from over fifty manufacturers, making the set a global collaboration. And let’s remember the community of drummers and enthusiasts who’ve supported, advised, and even just dropped by to marvel at his work in progress.

the largest drum set in the world

Features of the Drum Set

Number of Pieces

Diving into the specifics, Mark Temperato’s drum set is a behemoth with 813 pieces

While the exact breakdown of each type of drum and cymbal needs to be more detailed in the provided information, we know that the set started with 340 pieces and has since expanded. This means a vast array of:

  • Snares
  • Toms
  • bass drums
  • and cymbals

among other percussion instruments. Notably, Mark can strike all 813 elements without taking a single step, showcasing the intricate layout and design of the set.

Unique Components and Customizations

What sets this drum set apart, besides its sheer size, are the unique components that Mark has incorporated. The set boasts notable additions like wind chimes and even Amtrak train horns among the standard drums and cymbals. 

These aren’t just whimsical additions; they’re a testament to Mark’s vision of creating a unique drum set. The set also features pieces from over fifty manufacturers, highlighting its diverse and global nature.

Dimensions and Setup

In terms of size, this drum set is nothing short of monumental. It spans eight feet in length, seven feet in width, and reaches a height of eight feet

The individual drum parts are spaced eight feet apart, allowing Mark to stand on his throne and hit each piece separately. 

Setting up this massive instrument requires a significant amount of space, not to mention the time and effort it takes to assemble. 

The entire kit, when disassembled, is stored in a 48-foot tractor-trailer, emphasizing the grandeur and scale of this record-breaking drum set.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long did it take to assemble this drum set? 

It took Mark Temperato up to fifteen hours to assemble the entire set, and he often does it alone.

Are there any custom-made components in the drum set? 

Yes, the drum set includes unique additions like wind chimes, Amtrak train horns, and pieces from over fifty manufacturers.

How does the owner manage to play such a large set? 

Mark has designed the set so that he can strike all 340 cymbals without taking a step. He can stand on his throne and hit each drum piece separately, showcasing the intricate layout and design.

Has the drum set been showcased at any major events? 

Dr. Mark Temperato has taken his incredible kit on tour, showcasing it at concerts worldwide.

Wrap up

In the realm of percussion, many have tried to make a mark. Still, Dr. Mark Temperato’s creation of the largest drum set in the world stands as a testament to unmatched passion and dedication. With 813 pieces, each with its own story, this drum set isn’t just an instrument; it’s a symphony of Mark’s journey in music. 

As he continues to inspire drummers and music enthusiasts globally, one can only wonder what the next beat in his incredible story will be.

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