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November 1, 2022
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We all know it’s the matter of the budget but let’s see it. 

For those seeking up for a lower price you can start with only $13.99 per piece or $100 per set (crash, ride, hi hat).

But for professional cymbals, it’s totally different story.

HHX Evolution – one of best selling Sabian company cymbal set cost $979.

So, how much do cymbals cost a descent ones.

You can get a descent cymbal set for around $600-$700 but you can always get used as long as the hole in the middle looks right and there is not cracked.

Beginner cymbal sets Intermediate cymbal sets Professional cymbal sets


Curious for more information?

Keep reading!

I provided many interesting facts, pros and cons and of course the best offers!

Let’s check most common questions…

how much do cymbals cost

Why are cymbals so expensive?

If you think making cymbals is difficult and a long process, you are absolutely right!

To make cymbals you need a lot of time, skills, talent and of course you have to do your research.

The conclusion is that

The LABOUR is the PRIMARY contributor to the final cost of new cymbals!

But don’t worry, they exist in all sorts of forms for everyone’s pocket!

  • The cost of raw materials is actually quite low, state between $4 to $7 per 1kg.

CONCLUSION? The cost of cymbals has little to do with the raw material!

  • The cost of labor is typically what drives the price skyward.

CONCLUSION? Hand molded cymbals are more expensive!


The most common bronze used in the manufacture of higher end cymbals is an 80 percent copper and 20 percent tin mix.

The usual rule in cymbal manufacturing is that the higher the tin-to-copper ratio the more expensive the cymbal.

THIS does NOT always hold true!

Another question that is bothering us…

Long story short: 

Why are cymbals so expensive? 

Because quality costs money! 

What are cheap cymbals made of?

This question bothers us ALL!

Are the cheaper ones bad?

Are they good enough?

Cymbals are typically made from a copper alloy as it had desirable sound properties

The cymbals in the collection are made from brass, an alloy of copper (usually 38%) and zinc!

If we compare the expensive ones with the cheaper ones we can see that:

Professional cymbals
Beginner cymbals
Most professional cymbals are made of bronze
Cheap beginner cymbals are usually made of brass
B20 bronze (80 percent copper, 20 percent tin)
B8 bronze (92 percent copper, 8 percent tin)

Most popular cheaper cymbals, usually for beginners are

Brass cymbals

Brass cymbals are inexpensive beginners’ cymbals so therefore not meant to last long; 

The rigidity of brass yields cymbals harsh in sound and very prone to cracks at the bell hole and the border.

  • These are typically very poor in tone
  • Some even being disks of untreated metal 
  • Unplayable despite the reputable brand name 

The brass for cymbals is about 38% zinc and 60$% copper.

Readily available as sheet metal, and easily the cheapest metal stock normally used for cymbals

The tone of brass cymbals tends to be warm but dull compared to any sort of tin bronze

Here are some examples of brass/cheap cymbals:

  • Meinl Meteor
  • Meinl Marathon M38
  • Meinl Classics cymbals
  • Orion Twister

You can find those types of cymbals on Amazon and eBay.

What is the most expensive cymbal?

world most expensive cymbal

The Funch Cymbals Spizzichino Tribute Model is the only one on eBay for 


The story of Roberto Spizzichino

Spizzichino died in 2011. 

His “crafts” were handily fetching higher prices than the old Zildjian K. He is known as a master behind Ufip cymbals all until 1986 when he decided to continue on his own.

In 2017, one of his rides alone is sold for the same amount as a custom–made kit with a full complement of cymbals

He was known as genius … WHY?

Well when the cymbals can sell for $2,000, there’s something more to the instruments and the man behind them!

The manufactured cymbals didn’t meet Spizzichino’s standards, 

So he declined endorsemen!

His cymbal brand is called SPIZZ , name is still used against the family’s wishes.

Spizzichino Cymbals are very difficult to find…

THE ONLY indicator of an authentic Spizzichino cymbal 

Is the R. Spizzichino stamp he personally engraved on his pieces!

What cymbals should I buy?

Here’s a little buying guide on what to pay attention when buying your first cymbals 

Cymbals can usually be sorted into four broad categories:



Hi hat



Crash Cymbals 

  • Good explosive sound that’s not too long in duration;
  • Size – typically range from 14” to 18”, a nice 16” is a good size for starters;
  • Used for accents in songs


Ride Cymbals:

  • A distinct, quick ping-like sound to your ride sticking patterns;
  • The larger the bell, the more overtones the cymbal can have;
  • Size range is from 18” up to 26”, with a 20” or 22” being a good starting point.

Hi hat

Hi-hat Cymbals: 

  • Sold in pairs with the bottom cymbal being slightly thicker than the top;
  • The same rule about thin vs. thick applies here;
  • Sizes range from 12” to 14”, but a 13” or 14” is a good start.


Effects Cymbals:

  • If you’re starting out on a lower budget, you can delay adding these a bit later;
  • They come in various forms
  • Anything from an 18” crash with large holes drilled into it to a cymbal all up to stacked cymbals

Jazz drummers are probably going to want totally different cymbal arrays compare to drummers in metal or hard rock bands. 

A good place to get started is by checking out the cymbal setups of your favorite drummers.

The ‘right’ cymbal is a personal choice.

Every drummer will have different preferences, trust your ears and follow your instinct.

Here are few tips on what to buy first

  • You’ll want to focus your first cymbal purchases on a single ride
  • One or two crashes, 
  • A good set of hi-hats.

I prepared the top three, value for money cymbals

 If you are beginner level go with Meinl HCS

You can find set of Meinl HCS on Amazon for $99.00 which is more that great price for a whole cymbal set.

Don’t expect too much, all beginner cymbals are there just for practice and are not too durable.

For intermediate level go with Paiste PST 8

Paiste PST 8 Rock Cymbal Set is on Amazon for $495.00

This is the best intermediate level cymbals set and although Paiste cymbals are usually very expensive, this series does offer a great value for money

sabian cymbals

For professionals go with Sabian HHX

Sabian HHX Evolution Exclusive Set is on Amazon for $979.00

Being the one of most popular Sabian cymbals series is not an easy task but for Evolution it looks like an easy breezy.


So newbies and professionals,

Do you agree with us? What is your experience?

Feel free to leave comments or suggestion 

We ALL want to learn more!

Feel free to explore the world of drums

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