Cost to Ship a Drum Set and How to Save Money

March 20, 2023

Shipping a drum set usually costs just under $100. Depending on its dimensions and weight, prices can differ from company to company. 

End destination also plays a big role, especially when shipping your drums internationally.

Drums are heavy and take a certain amount of space. 

If you are looking to find a way to cut the expenses, make sure to keep reading this article, as we will give you the list of the best shipping companies and ways to pack drums to spend the least amount of money possible.

Cost to Ship a Drum Set

Best Shipping Companies

The best and most popular shipping companies In the USA are FedEx, UPS, and Maersk. 

All of these companies charge depending on the weight and size of the object as well as the milage.

The price will also vary depending on the end destination. It usually costs just under $100 if you are sending it to the location in the USA.

But, if you are shipping your drums internationally it will certainly cost more, and that depends on how far are you sending them.

If you are shipping your drums in the USA you should choose UPS because of its affordable prices and custom packaging features.

The importance of custom packaging features will be discussed later in this article.

UPS Shipping Rates

Prices for packages will vary based on the weight and the dimensions of our drums and how we pack them.

Here are UPS shipping rates:

  •  Extra Small: Starting at $9.45 (1-100 cubic inches)

    ● Small: Starting at $12.40 (101-250 cubic inches)

    ● Medium: Starting at $14.95 (251-650 cubic inches)

    ● Large: Starting at $19.60 (651-1,050 cubic inches)

    ● Extra Large: Starting at $24.30 (1,051-1,728 cubic inches)

UPS Shipping Calculator

Here is a great tool to use when shipping your packages with UPS.

This UPS shipping calculator will calculate precisely how much will it cost to send your drums to your desired location.

On the following link, you will be asked to provide information on the destination where you would like your drums to be shipped and your current location, ZIP code, and shipping date.

But, before you go and check out the UPS calculator, read the section below where we will discuss different ways to pack your drums and cut your expenses even more.

ship drums

How To Save Cash on Shipping Drums

Even though shipping prices are fairly reasonable, there are ways to cut your expenses even more.

As we discussed before, weight and dimensions play a major role in forming the price.

So, to save cash on shipping, there are a couple of ways to pack your boxes to take less space.

How To Pack The Boxes

We can do two things to save some money on our shipping packages.

The first one is to pack boxes by ourselves

Shipment companies charge a fee to pack boxes, so why not do it yourself and save some money by not paying an extra fee that companies collect.

The second thing we can do is pack the drums in a certain way, so it takes less space.

This step is very important because companies define their prices based on the dimension, as we mentioned earlier.

Packing your drums in a way that takes the least amount of space will cut your expenses even more.

So, it would be a good idea to use the original box that the drums came in because, more often than not, these boxes are optimized to be the exact fit and the size of the drums.

Now that you understand the importance of custom packaging features, it is time to share an extra tip on how to save even more money when shipping your drums.

Ship Your Drums from Business to Business Addresses

If you decide to send your package to the front door, it will always cost more.

So, to avoid paying, even more, you have an option to send the package to the business address.

The reason why this way is less expensive is that the shipping company uses less fuel and manpower.

If you have someone, a friend, to send your package to, you will save even more cash, but that mostly depends on the destination.

If you are packing boxes by yourself, making sure the box is the right fit and sending your drums to a business address, you can save up to $50.


Shipping a drum set usually costs just under $100, and its price largely depends on the weight, dimensions, and destination.

To save cash on shipping, make sure to pack boxes by yourself, and the other thing is that boxes should take the least amount of space.

If you have a friend or someone reliable you know who owns a business, you can send your package to their business address and save some extra money.

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