Drumming technique
Drum Rim Shot – What it is and How to Play it?

A drum rim shot is a percussive sound produced by striking the drumhead and the metal rim of a drum simultaneously.It adds a sharp and distinctive sound to the drumbeat, emphasizing certain beats or creating accents.In this article, I will teach you all you need to know about the percussive sound ...

How Much Do Drum Lessons Cost For Beginners?

Many of the new drummers have asked themselves one question – How much do drum lessons cost for beginners? To make this search easier for you, I’ve spent one full day searching the internet and marketplace so I can provide you with the most accurate information. After I compared around 20 different ...

What are Chops in Drumming?

What are drum chops? The chops in drumming can be described as musical examples played on the drum kit. They could be flashy bursts (often in the linear pattern) or simple melodic phrases. They could be fast or slow. Learning to play drums can allow you to feel more confident on the instrument and ...

What is a Pocket Drummer?

Nowadays you might often hear term a pocket drummer or drumming in the pocket.So, what is a pocket drummer exactly?"In the pocket" refers to three things:  having good timing smooth groove serving the music Playing in this manner lets you create a pocket that allows other musicians in your ...

Your Bass Drum Speed Sucks? – Here’s What To Do

If your bass drum speed sucks, one of two things might be the issue:Bad techniqueWeak musclesYou might built muscles and have endurance, but you need more technique, so you lose control.Or you developed technique, but you need more endurance due to weak muscles.In this article, I will explain how ...

How to Start Drumming Today – Essential Tips & Tricks

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌start‌ ‌drumming‌ - ‌Ultimate‌ ‌guide‌ ‌ After more than 15 years in drumming I decided to make this Ultimate guide on How to start drumming.I gathered all the questions young drummers have and all the questions I had to be sure I cover everything.In this guide you’ll learn drumming ...

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