Drumming technique
How to Start Drumming – Ultimate Guide

How‌ ‌to‌ ‌start‌ ‌drumming‌ - ‌Ultimate‌ ‌guide‌ ‌ After more than 15 years in drumming I decided to make this Ultimate guide on How to start drumming.I gathered all the questions young drummers have and all the questions I had to be sure I cover everything.In this guide you’ll learn drumming ...

How to hold drumsticks – 5 Essential steps

Why is it important to learn to hold drumsticks properly? 70 or 80% of the sound you hear on the records comes from a drummer's hand. The rest is the room and equipment.  That's just me being a smart ass but, I want you to understand how having a proper technique and holding the sticks on the ...

How to Play a Cajon- Epic 2020 Guide

In this How to play a Cajon guide you will learn: How to sit propperlyHow to play a CajonHow to place a CajonHow to place the hand to get a better soundCajon soundsBasic rhythmSteve Gadd Mozambique on a CajonHow to mic a CajonWhy Cajon playing is hardHow to facilitate Cajon playingBuying tips ...

The Best Drum Exercise To Learn 100 New Rhythms

Throughout the period of 15 years, I discovered many useful exercises that develop independence, speed, control, this is the best drum exercise I run into. However, there are so few drum exercises that develop your precision or metric distance between strokes.  Having the right metric means ...

Drum That
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