Dave Matthews Drummer – Carter Beauford

When you think of the iconic sound of the Dave Matthews Band, it's impossible not to recognize the distinct beats of their drummer, Carter Beauford. This Virginia-born percussionist has not only set the rhythm for the band but has also become one of the most influential drummers of his ...

Lenny Kravitz Drummer – Cindy Blackman & Others

When you think of Lenny Kravitz, you probably picture his signature sunglasses, effortlessly cool, and those unforgettable guitar riffs. But behind every great rockstar is a rhythm that keeps the music alive – enter Cindy Blackman Santana, Lenny Kravitz's drummer. This unsung hero not only ...

Black Sabbath Drummer – Complete Timeline

When you hear the thunderous beats behind iconic tracks like "War Pigs" or "Iron Man", you're diving deep into the legacy of the Black Sabbath drummer. But who is the force behind those legendary rhythms? Over the years, Black Sabbath has seen a carousel of nine drummers, each bringing a unique ...

Harry Styles Drummer – Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is the beat behind the sensation; she’s Harry Styles' drummer and a pivotal part of his sound. With a knack for rhythm, she’s rocked stages worldwide, contributing to many of Harry's hit albums. But Sarah’s beats go beyond; she’s collaborated with a myriad of artists, earning admiration ...

How Many Drummers Did Nirvana Have?

How many drummers did Nirvana have? Nirvana had 4 drummers before settling on Dave Grohl. The list includes: Aaron Burckhard (1987) Dale Crover (1987–1988, 1990) Dave Foster (1988) Chad Channing (1988–1990) Dave Grohl - Main Nirvana DrummerEarly LifeDave Grohl, the beating heart behind some of ...

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