Rage Against The Machine Drummer

Brad Wilk, the Rage Against The Machine Drummer, showcases a blend of power and precision that has resonated with fans worldwide. Interestingly, outside of his music, he is a fervent advocate for type 1 diabetes awareness, a condition he was diagnosed with in his early twenties. His personal ...

Greta Van Fleet Drummer – Daniel Wagner

When you think of Greta van Fleet, soaring vocals and vintage rock vibes might come to mind. But behind every great band is a drummer setting the pace, and for this group, it's the talented Daniel Wagner.Daniel Wagner is the rhythmic backbone and drummer for Greta Van Fleet of a band that's been ...

Drummer for Phish – Jon Fishman

When you think of iconic drummers, Jon Fishman, the drummer for Phish, undoubtedly makes the list. With his distinctive dress sense, often donning a muumuu and his unparalleled drumming skills, Fishman has carved out a unique space in the world of rock and jam bands. Born in Philadelphia and raised ...

Cheap Trick Drummer – Bun E. Carlos

When you think of iconic rock beats, the name Bun E. Carlos might just pop into your head. As the Cheap Trick drummer, he's been the backbone of some of the most memorable rock anthems of all time.Bun E., born Brad M. Carlson, has not only been the rhythmic force behind Cheap Trick but also a ...

Bruce Springsteen Drummer – Max Weinberg

When you think of the iconic sound of Bruce Springsteen, it's impossible not to recognize the driving force behind the drums. Enter Max Weinberg, the heartbeat of The E Street Band.With his impeccable timing, dynamic rhythms, and a career spanning decades, he's been the backbone of some of the most ...

Bon Jovi Drummer – Tico Torres

When you think of Bon Jovi, blazing guitar solos and powerful vocals might come to mind. But behind every great rock anthem is a rhythm that keeps the heart of the song alive. Enter Tico Torres, the Bon Jovi drummer who's been laying down those beats since the band's inception.Hector Juan Samuel ...

Blink 182 Original Drummer – Scott Raynor

When you think of iconic punk rock bands, Blink 182 undoubtedly comes to mind. But did you know about the Blink 182 original drummer who set the rhythm for the band's early days?  Before Travis Barker's rapid-fire drumming took center stage, there was another talent behind the drum kit, laying ...

Dave Matthews Drummer – Carter Beauford

When you think of the iconic sound of the Dave Matthews Band, it's impossible not to recognize the distinct beats of their drummer, Carter Beauford. This Virginia-born percussionist has not only set the rhythm for the band but has also become one of the most influential drummers of his ...

Lenny Kravitz Drummer – Cindy Blackman & Others

When you think of Lenny Kravitz, you probably picture his signature sunglasses, effortlessly cool, and those unforgettable guitar riffs. But behind every great rockstar is a rhythm that keeps the music alive – enter Cindy Blackman Santana, Lenny Kravitz's drummer. This unsung hero not only ...

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