Beats and Breakthroughs: The Journey of MGK Drummer, JP “Rook” Cappelletty

When you think of the pulsating beats behind Machine Gun Kelly’s iconic tracks, you’re hearing the magic of JP “Rook” Cappelletty, the renowned MGK drummer. 

A prodigious talent, Rook didn’t just stumble into the world of drumming; he carved a niche with his distinctive style and unparalleled energy. 

But who is the man behind the drum kit? Dive deeper, and you’ll discover a story of passion, rhythm, and a bond with MGK that’s as electric as their live performances.

JP “Rook” Cappelletty’s Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Born in Toledo, Ohio, JP “Rook” Cappelletty was destined for rhythm. Toledo’s vibrant music scene played a backdrop to his formative years, exposing him to a myriad of genres and styles. 

It’s said that our environments shape us, and for Rook, Toledo was the crucible of his musical journey.

Bold beats and rhythmic patterns always caught young Rook’s ear. By the age of 12, he was already tapping out rhythms on tabletops, much to the chagrin of his teachers. 

It was only a short time before he got his first drum kit. A birthday gift, perhaps? Or a Christmas surprise? Regardless, it wasn’t just an instrument but a ticket to his future.

Fast forward a few years, and Rook’s dedication was evident. Practicing for hours, he honed his skills, drawing inspiration from legends like Travis Barker and Neil Peart. 

His passion was palpable, and it was clear: this Toledo boy was going places, and the world of drumming would never be the same.

Joining MGK’s Band

A chance meeting at a local gig where Rook’s drumming prowess caught MGK’s attention. It was the energy, passion, and raw talent Rook brought to the stage.

From that serendipitous meeting, a bond was forged. MGK, always on the lookout for fresh talent, saw in Rook not just a drummer but a kindred spirit. 

They jammed, they collaborated, and before anyone knew it, Rook was the heartbeat of MGK’s band. Their synergy was undeniable. 

On stage, they were electric, feeding off each other’s energy, creating a musical experience that delivered the perfect emotion.

Their musical relationship matured as the tours rolled on and the albums dropped. It wasn’t just about the music anymore; it was about pushing boundaries, exploring new sounds, and always putting on a show that left audiences breathless. 

The MGK-Rook was a perfect partnership.

Highlights of Rook’s Career with MGK

It’s a rollercoaster of highs when talking about Rook’s time with MGK. The “Hotel Diablo” tour stands out for its global reach and the sheer energy Rook brought to every performance. 

Fans would often rave about his solos, where he’d take center stage, sticks flying, captivating arenas with his rhythmic prowess.

But it wasn’t just about the big stages. Intimate gigs, like their surprise set at LA’s Roxy Theatre, showcased the duo’s versatility. 

Here, amidst the dim lights and the close-knit crowd, Rook’s drumming resonated, proving that whether it’s a stadium or a club, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Beyond the MGK umbrella, Rook’s been busy. Collaborations have seen him branch out, working with artists across genres, from hip-hop to punk. 

And then there’s his solo project, a tantalizing hint that while he’s made waves with MGK, the world of drumming still has much more to see from JP “Rook” Cappelletty.

JP “Rook” Cappelletty

Rook’s Drumming Style

From the punk-rock beats of Travis Barker to the intricate patterns of jazz legend Buddy Rich, Rook’s inspirations are vast. 

This eclectic mix gives his drumming its unique flavor, a blend of raw power and finespun technique.

His signature style is all about dynamics. Rook can switch from a gentle tap to a thunderous crash in a heartbeat, mastering the art of tension and release. 

Watch him live, and you’ll notice his penchant for off-beat rhythms, syncopated patterns, and unexpected fills that keep audiences on their toes.

Equipment-wise, Rook’s choices are just as telling. Preferring custom drum kits with a deeper bass tone, he’s often seen with double bass pedals, allowing for rapid-fire beats that resonate. 

His cymbal setup, varied and vast, adds layers to his sound, from shimmering splashes to roaring crashes.

Outside the Drum Kit: Rook’s Other Ventures

While the drum kit might be Rook’s primary playground, his musical journey continues. He’s dabbled in various side projects, lending his rhythmic expertise to artists like YUNGBLUD and Travis Barker. 

These collaborations, each unique in its own right, showcase Rook’s versatility, proving he’s not confined to MGK’s shadow.

Beyond the realm of music, Rook is a man of varied passions. Skateboarding is a hobby he’s often seen indulging in during tour breaks. 

And then there’s his love for art. From graffiti to sketching, Rook’s creative spirit finds multiple outlets, each echoing the same passion and energy he brings to the stage.

In general, Rook’s life, both inside and outside the drum booth, is a testament to his boundless energy and relentless pursuit of creativity. 

Whether collaborating with top artists or simply enjoying a quiet evening sketching, Rook’s essence remains vibrant, dynamic, and ever-evolving.

FAQ Section

How did Rook become MGK’s drummer?

Rook and MGK first crossed paths at a local gig, where Rook’s drumming caught MGK’s attention. Impressed by his skill and energy, MGK saw the potential for a deeper musical partnership. 

After jamming and collaborating, their synergy was undeniable, leading Rook to officially join MGK’s band and become the driving rhythmic force behind the artist’s iconic tracks.

Has Rook collaborated with other artists outside of MGK’s band?

Yes, Rook has showcased his versatility by collaborating with various artists outside MGK’s band. Notably, he’s worked with artists like YUNGBLUD and Travis Barker, highlighting his adaptability and wide-ranging rhythmic expertise in the music industry.


JP “Rook” Cappelletty is the rhythmic genius behind Machine Gun Kelly’s unforgettable tracks. 

From his early days in Toledo’s bustling music scene to his dynamic partnership with MGK, Rook has consistently showcased his unparalleled talent and versatility. 

Whether he’s collaborating with industry giants, exploring personal passions, or simply setting the stage on fire with his signature drumming style, Rook’s impact on the music world is undeniable. 

His story is a testament to passion, dedication, and the relentless pursuit of rhythmic excellence.

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