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January 13, 2024

Sarah Jones is the beat behind the sensation; she’s Harry Styles’ drummer and a pivotal part of his sound. 

With a knack for rhythm, she’s rocked stages worldwide, contributing to many of Harry’s hit albums. 

But Sarah’s beats go beyond; she’s collaborated with a myriad of artists, earning admiration in the drumming community. 

Let’s dive into the rhythmic world of Sarah Jones and uncover the beats that make Harry’s music unforgettable.

Sarah Jones – Drummer for Harry Styles

Early Life

Born in London, Sarah Jones began making noise in the music scene in her late teens. 

She studied at the Tech Music School in London, where she honed her skills and furthered her understanding of rhythm and music, laying down the foundations for a successful career in drumming.


Sarah Jones’s journey to becoming Harry Styles’ drummer was marked by perseverance and talent. Before joining Styles, she played for various bands like New Young Pony Club and Hot Chip, showcasing her versatility across different music genres. 

Joining Harry Styles’ band was a turning point. Her rhythmic contributions have been integral in shaping the sound of his solo career.

Notable Performances

Sarah has had numerous memorable moments on stage, but performing at the 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony alongside Harry Styles and Stevie Nicks stands out. 

Her energetic performance and impeccable timing caught the attention of fans and critics alike, earning her accolades and solidifying her status as a top-tier drummer.

Notable Collaborations

Apart from Harry Styles, Sarah has collaborated with a variety of artists and bands, including Bat For Lashes, Bloc Party, and M.I.A. 

These collaborations have showcased her range and adaptability, enabling her to play different genres and styles further establishing her as a respected figure in the drumming community.

Awards & Accolades

Recognition for Sarah Jones’s percussive prowess peaked when she clinched the title of Pop Drummer of the Year at the MusicRadar awards in 2022. 

This accolade was not just a testament to her talent but also an acknowledgment of her significant contributions to the pop music genre, particularly through her collaborations with Harry Styles.

harry styles drummer


Sarah’s musical journey is a harmonious blend of diverse collaborations:

  • 2014: She played on Josh Record’s album “Pillars” and Technology + Teamwork’s single “Small Victory.”
  • 2015: She was part of Hot Chip’s “Why Make Sense?” and “Huarache Lights,” Raphaël’s “Somnambules,” and Cœur de pirate’s “Roses.”
  • 2016: Collaborations included NZCA Lines’ “Infinite Summer” and Starwalker’s self-titled album.
  • 2017: Featured in Whirlpool Productions’ “From: Disco To: Disco.”
  • 2018: Laid down tracks for Nakhane’s “You Will Not Die.”
  • 2019: Contributed to Hot Chip’s “A Bath Full Of Ecstasy” and, significantly, to Harry Styles’ “Fine Line” and the hit single “Watermelon Sugar.”
  • 2020: Played on Puscifer’s “The Underwhelming” and the album “Existential Reckoning.”
  • 2022: Her beats graced Kurt Vile’s “(Watch My Moves)” and Alexis Taylor’s “Silence,” along with Harry Styles’ latest project, “Harry’s House.”

This rich and varied discography is a testament to Sarah’s adaptability, range, and depth of her musicality, with her most notable contributions being alongside Harry Styles.

Sarah's Jones Equipment & Gear

Harry Styles drummer – Sarah’s Jones Drum Kit

Drum Kit:

  • Vintage Slingerland from 1969 in lavender satin flame.
  • Sizes: Tom – 12 by 8, Floor Tom – 16 by 16, Bass Drum – 20 by 14.

Snare Drums:

  • Q Drums Copper Snare – 14 by 6.5.
  • Q Drums “Little Popper” Snare – 12 by 4.

Electronic Pads:

  • Old Simmons pads.
  • Roland KT10 trigger.

Cymbals (from Meinl):

  • 22-inch Foundry Reserve.
  • 20-inch Foundry Reserve.
  • 15-inch Byzance Medium Hi-Hats.


  • Manhattan 7A’s with a ball tip. (Mention of getting some signature sticks made.)


  • Beta T3.

Hardware (from DW):

  • DW flat base stands for cymbals.
  • DW 5000 pedal (preferred over the DW 9000 for its lighter feel).
  • Modified beater with adjustable weights.


  • Emperor-coated heads on the drum kit.


Sarah Jones is celebrated for her versatile and precise drumming style. Whether she’s contributing to a pop hit with Harry Styles or laying down an electronic rhythm with Hot Chip, she seamlessly adapts to the needs of each song, adding a unique flavor that has made her one of the industry’s most sought-after drummers.

Both fans and fellow musicians widely acknowledge her innovative approach, which significantly influences the sound of each of her collaborations.

Personal Life

In contrast to her dynamic stage presence, Sarah Jones is relatively private about her personal life. She is married to Mitch Rowland, and the couple first met while rehearsing for Harry Styles: Live on Tour. 

They welcomed their child, Scout Mitchell Rowland-Jones, in March 2021 and currently reside in London.

Born and raised in London, Sarah’s roots have been instrumental in shaping her musical journey. From playing in local bands during her early days to touring the world with top artists, she has remained grounded and connected to her love for music and rhythm.


How did Harry Styles meet Sarah Jones?

Sarah Jones and Harry Styles met through their professional connections in the music industry. Sarah Jones was hired as the drummer for Harry Styles’ backing band during his solo tours, which is how they became acquainted.

How old is Sarah Jones, the drummer?

She was born in August 1985, so in 2023, by the time of writing this article, she is 38

Are Sarah and Mitch a couple?

Sarah Jones is married to Mitch Rowland, and they have a child together. They met while rehearsing for “Harry Styles: Live on Tour,” so yes, Sarah and Mitch are indeed a couple.

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