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Harry Styles’ music has captivated millions, but behind those iconic tracks is a rhythmic genius many might not be familiar with. 

Enter Sarah Jones, the heartbeat of Harry Styles’ band and the answer to the burning question: “Who is Harry Styles’ drummer?” 

With a flair for drumming that’s both powerful and nuanced, Jones has not only shaped the sound of Styles’ music but has also carved a niche for herself in the music industry. 

Dive more profoundly, and you’ll discover a female drummer whose beats resonate just as profoundly as the melodies they accompany.

In 2022 she even won the Drumeo award for Pop Drummer of the Year.

Are you curious to know more about her journey and influence? Stay tuned.

Who is Harry Styles drummer?

Harry Styles’s drummer is Sarah Jones.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Sarah Jones’ journey into the world of rhythm began long before she took the stage with Harry Styles. 

Born with an innate passion for music, her childhood was filled with melodies, beats, and an insatiable curiosity for sound.

It wasn’t long before Sarah’s fingers reached the drumsticks. Her initial foray into drumming was more than just a hobby; it was a calling. Neighborhood garages became her first stage, and school bands were her first audience. 

As she honed her skills, Sarah’s reputation grew. From local gigs to larger venues, her drumming prowess was undeniable. 

And while many know her as Harry Styles’ drummer, her musical beginnings tell the story of a dedicated artist eager to make her mark.

How old is Sarah Jones drummer?

Sarah is born on 31st of August in 1985.

38 years old (in 2023)

Joining Harry Styles’ Band

The universe has a way of aligning stars, and Sarah Jones and Harry Styles were destined to collaborate in the world of music. 

Six years ago, to be precise, in April 2017, Jones performed with Styles on Saturday Night Live. Even since, the duo has collaborated on many performances and tours. 

The moment Sarah became the drummer for Harry Styles wasn’t just a chance encounter. It culminated in a talent meeting opportunity and a shared vision for groundbreaking music.

Sarah’s contributions to the band went beyond just keeping the beat. She brought a unique flavor, blending her drumming finesse with Styles’ iconic vocals. 

This synergy transformed live performances, making them electrifying experiences for fans worldwide.

Sarah’s presence behind the drum kit has been pivotal, from studio sessions to sold-out arenas. Her beats, combined with Styles’ melodies, have crafted a fresh and timeless sound. It is a testament to the magic that happens when two musical forces unite.

Is Sarah still Harry’s drummer?
Yes, Sarah still plays with Harry on his 2023 tour.

harry styles drummer

Sarah Jones’ Musical Style and Influence

When you dive into the rhythmical world Sarah Jones crafts, it’s evident she’s not just any drummer. Her drumming techniques and style blend traditional beats with a modern twist. 

Sarah’s approach is innovative and rooted in classic drumming traditions, whether it’s the subtle nuances in her snare hits or the dynamic energy she brings to every fill.

But her influence doesn’t stop at her own performances. Sarah has become a beacon for aspiring drummers and seasoned musicians alike. 

Her ability to seamlessly merge genres and experiment with rhythms has inspired a new wave of percussionists. They look up to her, not just for her technical prowess but for her fearless approach to pushing musical boundaries.

In an industry constantly evolving, Sarah Jones stands out as a drummer who’s both shaping the present and paving the way for the future. Her beats resonate, her style inspires, and her influence is undeniable.

Sarah Jones Discography

Sarah played on and produced more than 45 albums. On some, like Fine Line by Harry Styles or Beautiful Thing by Alexis Taylor, she played drums; on others, she also worked as a composer.

You can find Sarah’s full discography here.

Other Collaborations and Projects

Outside this high-profile gig, she’s been weaving her drumming magic across various musical landscapes. 

From indie rock to soulful jazz, Sarah’s versatility shines through, making her a sought-after collaborator in the industry.

Her collaborations with other artists and bands are a testament to her adaptability. 

Whether laying down groovy beats for an upcoming pop sensation or adding depth to a rock anthem, Sarah’s drumming elevates every track she touches. 

It’s no wonder that top artists queue up to have her signature style on their records. She is well-known for working with Aynsley Lister, Bat for Lashes, the post-punk band Bloc Party, and the synthpop band Hot Chip.

But Sarah isn’t just about collaborations. Venturing into solo projects, she’s explored the vast expanse of the music world, experimenting with sounds, rhythms, and genres. 

These ventures showcase a drummer who’s not just content with the status quo but is on a relentless quest to redefine musical boundaries.

Personal Life and Interests

Behind the drum kit and away from the spotlight, Sarah Jones is as multifaceted as her beats suggest. 

Outside of music, she’s a tapestry of passions and pursuits, each adding a unique rhythm to the soundtrack of her life. 

Also, Sarah is married to Harry Styles guitarist Mitch Rowland, and two years ago, in 2021, they announced they were having a baby.

Diving into her hobbies and interests, one might find Sarah exploring nature trails, immersed in a gripping novel, or mastering a new culinary recipe. 

Her zest for life is palpable, and it’s clear that her creativity isn’t confined to just music. It spills over, enriching every facet of her existence.

But it’s not all leisure and hobbies. Sarah’s heart beats for more than just rhythms. Her philanthropic endeavors echo her commitment to making a difference. 

Whether supporting music education for underprivileged kids or championing environmental causes, Sarah’s impact resonates both on and off the stage.

Are Mitch and Sarah a couple?
Yes, at the time this article is published they are still a couple.

Do Mitch and Sarah have kids?
Yes, they have a son born in 2021.

Sarah's Jones Equipment & Gear

Sarah’s Jones Equipment & Gear

Drum Kit:

  • Vintage Slingerland from 1969 in lavender satin flame.
  • Sizes: Tom – 12 by 8, Floor Tom – 16 by 16, Bass Drum – 20 by 14.

Snare Drums:

  • Q Drums Copper Snare – 14 by 6.5.
  • Q Drums “Little Popper” Snare – 12 by 4.

Electronic Pads:

  • Old Simmons pads.
  • Roland KT10 trigger.

Cymbals (from Meinl):

  • 22-inch Foundry Reserve.
  • 20-inch Foundry Reserve.
  • 15-inch Byzance Medium Hi-Hats.


  • Manhattan 7A’s with a ball tip. (Mention of getting some signature sticks made.)


  • Beta T3.

Hardware (from DW):

  • DW flat base stands for cymbals.
  • DW 5000 pedal (preferred over the DW 9000 for its lighter feel).
  • Modified beater with adjustable weights.


  • Emperor coated heads on the drum kit.

FAQ Section

How did Sarah Jones start her drumming career?

Sarah Jones began her drumming career playing in local bands during her youth. Her passion and skill quickly gained recognition, leading her to collaborate with various artists and eventually securing her prominent role with Harry Styles.

When did she join Harry Styles’ band?

Sarah Jones joined Harry Styles’ band in 2017, accompanying him on his debut solo tour. She has been in his band ever since. Sarah has played drums and given backup vocals for Harry Styles’ globe tour (2017-2018), worldwide Love on Tour (2020-2021), Grammy-nominated release “Fine Line” (2019), and Saturday Night Live performance (2017). 

Has Sarah Jones worked with other famous artists?

Sarah Jones has worked with various well-known artists, including Harry Styles. She has performed on several of the world’s most famous festival stages and drummed with Bloc Party, Aynsley Lister, Hot Chip, and Bat For Lashes.


Sarah Jones, the rhythmic genius behind Harry Styles’ iconic tracks, has carved a significant niche for herself in the music industry. Her journey is a testament to dedication and talent, from her early passion for drumming to her collaborations with renowned artists. 

Beyond her musical prowess, Sarah’s diverse interests and philanthropic endeavors showcase a multifaceted individual whose influence resonates both on and off the stage. In the ever-evolving world of music, Sarah stands as a beacon of innovation, inspiration, and undeniable skill.

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