How to Store Cymbals if You Want to Save Them?

June 14, 2023

Here are some suggestions for storing the cymbals.

  • Always carry a cymbal case or bag even if they’re not mounted on stands. It’s first of all simpler to transport these around. However, more importantly, it will help protect them during storage for long durations and when traveling.
  • If you have to place drums on the ground, put them on the floor flat and don’t place them on top of them. This can cause the edge to break or bend in time.
  • If the cymbals are placed in one place, be sure to be placed in a dry and shady area. Metal and moisture aren’t precisely the best of buddies and can cause corrosion (oxidation) and the formation of rust.
how to store cymbals

How do I protect my cymbals?

Like other instruments, you must place your cymbals into a protected enclosure when they are not being used. When your cymbals leave the stands, they’re in danger of being crushed, broken, or damaged.

To prevent your cymbals from being damaged by other gear or knocked over by any or more of the members of your group, place them into the best cymbal bag available or a hard-shell cymbal case.

When you’re transporting multiple cymbals inside the cymbal case, you should use separators to avoid metal-on-metal contact. If you do not have separators available, cloths or old rags or the plastic bags that the cymbals were packaged in are great alternatives to use temporarily.

If you’re storing and transporting various sizes of cymbals, keep them in a way where more miniature cymbals are placed within bigger ones.

how to protect cymbals

Is it okay to stack cymbals?

Cymbals are not imagined to be stacked at first. However, it is a modern trend that can hurt the cymbal.

Let’s put it like this. When you hit the cymbal, it doesn’t hold the energy but releases it in the form of sound. So stacking a cymbal is similar to holding a cymbal slightly while hitting it.
It may cause damage, so be careful.

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Does cold affect cymbals?

It would help if you got to a high temperature, or else there will be an issue.

If the temperature is too cold, the metal could become fragile. If the temperature is too hot, the metal will become malleable. In reality, a bad cymbal technique can kill the cymbal more quickly.

Stands, cymbals, and other elements made of metal can withstand extreme temperatures better; however, extreme temperatures could affect these metal components that make up the set of drums.

Cymbals can break in the event of being too cold, and then suddenly, you start playing the drums.

How do you organize cymbals in a bag?

It’s easy; cymbals in the bag should be stacked, so the heaviest cymbals go first (to the bottom).

Start with the ride, then crash, hi-hat and splash. They must be all turned in the same direction (bell up).

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