The Top 6 Ways to Find Drummers

December 30, 2023

In this article, we’ll be exploring a common challenge faced by many bands: how to find drummers. 

In a nutshell, you can find drummers through a variety of avenues, from networking within your personal and professional circles to immersing yourself in the local music scene, and leveraging online platforms and social media groups. 

Join me as we delve into each of these strategies in detail, providing you with a comprehensive guide to find the right drummer for your musical endeavors.

6 ways to find drummers 

  1. Networking
  2. Local Music Scene
  3. Online Platforms
  4. Social Media Groups
  5. Music Schools and Clubs
  6. Classified Ads
networking to find a drummer

1. Networking

Imagine being at a lively music conference, a crucial part of networking for musicians, where you might discover skilled drummers for your band.

Here’s where the magic of networking happens. 

It’s not just about asking, “Do you know any drummers?”

 It’s about engaging in stories, sharing your band’s vision, and making genuine connections. 

Try this: next time you’re at a music event, ask someone about their most memorable gig. 

This opens up a conversation and naturally leads to connections that might know a drummer. 

Remember, your personal network is a goldmine. 

Reach out to friends, family, and even coworkers. You never know who might have the perfect drummer in their circle. 

For finding local music events, check out Meetup, where you can connect with musicians and music enthusiasts in your area.

local bend

2. The Local Music Scene

Now, picture a different scene.

You’re at a local bar, a perfect place to search for drummers.

This is the heart of your local music scene, a perfect place to scout for drummers

Make it a point to visit these local gigs regularly. You’re not just an audience member; you’re on a mission to find that rhythmic gem. 

Participate in jam sessions too. They’re not only fun but also a fantastic way to see potential drummers in action. 

Here’s an idea: why not host a jam session yourself? 

It’s a great way to attract local talent and see how they gel with your style. Don’t forget about music festivals and larger events. 

These gatherings are where you often find seasoned drummers showcasing their skills. For keeping track of such events, platforms like Bandsintown and Songkick are invaluable. 

They give you the scoop on local music happenings, ensuring you don’t miss out on opportunities to meet drummers.

social platforms for drummers

3. Online Platforms

In today’s digital age, online platforms for drummers have made finding the right percussionist as easy as clicking a button.

Online platforms have revolutionized the way musicians connect. Start by exploring websites specifically designed for musicians seeking bands, and vice versa. 

These sites often have detailed profiles, audio samples, and even reviews from other musicians. It’s like an online audition room where you can browse and gauge potential drummers’ skills and styles.

One effective approach is to post a clear, engaging ad detailing what you’re looking for. Be specific about your band’s genre, practice schedule, and any upcoming gigs. 

This clarity attracts drummers who are genuinely interested and fit your criteria. 

Websites like Bandmix and Join My Band are great starting points for these kinds of connections.

how to find drummers

4. Social Media Groups

Social media drummer groups on platforms like Facebook and Reddit are not just for sharing memes; they’re thriving hubs for finding drummers.

  • Facebook groups

  • Reddit communities 

can be goldmines for finding drummers. 

These platforms host a variety of music-related groups where members actively post opportunities, seek collaborations, or share their playing.

Engage in these groups by posting about your NEED FOR A DRUMMER. 

Include a brief about your band, the kind of music you play, and what you’re looking for in a drummer. 

Interaction is key here – comment on posts, participate in discussions, and build a presence. 

This not only helps in finding a drummer but also in building a network within the music community. 

music schools for drummers

5. Music Schools and Clubs

A proactive strategy involves visiting local music schools and clubs, key places for making music school drummer connections.

These places are not just educational institutions; they’re vibrant communities where passionate musicians converge. 

Consider also attending student performances or recitals. These events can give you a firsthand look at a drummer’s skills and style. 

Don’t overlook the power of community clubs and music centers. They often host workshops or jam sessions where you can meet and connect with drummers. 

Engaging with these communities not only helps you find a drummer but also supports local talent.

drummer ads

6. Classified Ads

Classified ads for drummers, both online and in print, remain a tried and true method in traditional musician collaboration opportunities.

Websites like Craigslist or local newspapers’ classified sections are still popular among musicians looking to connect. 

When posting an ad, be specific about what you’re looking for in a drummer. Mention your band’s genre, influences, and any requirements or expectations you have.

Responding to ads posted by drummers is equally important. Check these listings regularly and reach out to those who seem like a good fit.

Remember, the key is to communicate clearly and honestly to ensure both parties’ expectations align. This traditional approach, while sometimes overlooked in the digital age, can lead to valuable and lasting musical partnerships.


To find drummers, networking and immersing in the local music scene are essential strategies. 

Utilizing online platforms and social media groups expands the search for potential drummers. 

Visiting music schools and clubs can uncover emerging drumming talents. Placing and responding to classified ads offers a traditional approach to finding drummers. 

These combined methods provide a comprehensive guide on how to find drummers for any band’s needs.

Denis Loncaric
Denis Loncaric

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