The 5 Best Cheap Snare Drums – Don’t Break the Bank

May 30, 2023

In this article I analyzed 5 best cheap snare drums market has to offer.

What is a reasonable price for a snare drum, and why are some so expensive?

You are at the right place. In this article, I will answer those questions and suggest some budget models that are the best cheap snare drums on the current market.

Let’s start with explaining what influence the snare drum price.

Why are snare drums so expensive?

Several factors can affect the snare drum price:

  • Hardware quality – Expensive snare drums have high-quality hardware that stays in tune for much longer.
  • Materials: Some materials are more expensive than others; that’s how it is. 
  • Brand: Established and well-respected brands guarantee the quality of a snare drum, and they hold the price much better than other not-as-known companies. If you one day decide to sell your snare drum, you will get a much better price for a reputable company snare drum.
  • Craftsmanship: Some truly unique snare drums were made over the years. Due to time and effort, handmade snare drums are more expensive than mass-produced ones. Also, these kinds of snare drums may have collector value.
  • Features: Expensive snare drums may have features like unique bearing edges, special systems and mechanisms, fancy finishes, and more.
  • Sound: Although this is obvious: drummers want to pay more for better sound, and better materials give better sound, some methods exist to make budget snare drums sound good. You can enhance the sound of a cheap snare drum by adding good drumheads, changing snare wires, and putting on a better throw-off mechanism.

Alright, it’s time to see some budget snare drums I found for you.

5 Best Cheap Snare Drums

best cheap snare drums

1. Ludwig Supralite 14"x6,5"

Most versatile


  • 1 mm beaded steel shell
  • Chrome plated brass tube lugs
  • 2.3 mm steel triple-flanged hoops
  • p88i throw-off
  • p33 butt-plate
  • 20-strand brass coil snare wires



One option that I recommend is the Ludwig Supralite snare drum. 

This snare drum is made from a single aluminum sheet, making it lightweight and durable. It’s also affordable compared to other high-end snare drums, which is excellent news for anyone on a budget.

The Ludwig Supralite snare drum produces a bright, cutting sound that is perfect for live performances and recordings. It’s also highly versatile and can be tuned to various pitches to suit different musical styles and genres.

Of course, there are some potential drawbacks to the Ludwig Supralite snare drum. For example, its bright sound may only suit some musical genres. 

Additionally, while the aluminum construction makes it lightweight and durable, it may not be as resonant as other materials used in high-end snare drums, such as brass or wood.

Overall, if you’re in the market for a high-quality snare drum that won’t break the bank, the Ludwig Supralite is worth considering. Just be sure to keep in mind your own musical preferences and needs before making a purchase.

best cheap snare drum

2. Pearl Modern Utility

Most versatile


  • 6-ply Maple 5.4mm
  • 1.6mm Hoops
  • SR700 Throw off
  • CL100 Bridge Lugs



This snare drum is an excellent option for drummers on a budget who still want a quality instrument.

One of the standout features of the Pearl Modern Utility is the range of sizes available. You can choose from 12×7, 13×5, 14×5.5, 14×6.5, and 14×8, so you’re sure to find a size that suits your needs. 

And even though this is a budget snare drum, it’s still made from high-quality maple wood that gives it a warm, full sound.

Tuning the Pearl Modern Utility is a breeze, and the Chinese-made UT series Remo’s heads hold tuning well. Plus, the lightweight design makes it easy to take on the road for gigs and performances. 

And when you get there, you’ll appreciate the excellent build quality and joinery that make this snare drum durable and long-lasting.

The 14×8 snare drum has a nice low-end punch and sustain, while the 14×5.5 snare drum has more snare rasp and definition. And if you’re looking for something smaller, the 12-inch snare drum is surprisingly versatile and can provide an emotional lift in energy.

Now, let’s talk about some of the downsides of the Pearl Modern Utility. While the basic hardware is fine for beginner or intermediate drummers, more advanced players may want to upgrade. 

And the 14×8 snare drum may have too much sustain for some players. In addition, the 14×6.5 snare drum lacks body and articulation, and the 13×5 snare drum can sound harsh and doesn’t stand out sonically.

The Pearl Modern Utility is a solid choice for drummers who want a cheap snare drum that still delivers quality sound and performance.

best affordable snare drum

3. PDP Concept Steel 14"x6,5"

Most versatile


  • 3mm seamless steel shell
  • Chrome hardware
  • DW MAG Snare strainer
  • True Pitch tension rods
  • 20-strand snare wire



This snare drum has some great features to consider. First, the steel shell provides a bright, cutting sound perfect for specific musical genres. 

The tuning range is versatile, so you can quickly achieve a variety of sounds and styles depending on your preferences. 

The triple-flange hoops also offer consistent and reliable tuning, and it comes with Remo heads for reliable and consistent performance.

Moreover, the black nickel finish gives it a sleek and professional look that makes it stand out. 

And the best part? It’s available at an affordable price point for a quality snare drum. 

However, it’s worth noting that the steel shell may be better for drummers looking for a warmer or more mellow sound. Additionally, some drummers may prefer die-cast hoops for added rim shot definition.

There have also been reports of the throw-off mechanism being too sensitive or picky, so that’s something to keep in mind. And if you prefer a deeper snare drum sound, this is not your best choice. Lastly, some users have reported quality control issues with hardware and assembly.

Overall, the PDP Concept Steel Snare Drum is a solid option for those looking for an affordable snare drum that still offers quality sound and performance. It may be challenging for some, but it’s worth considering if you’re on a budget.

entry price snare drum

4. Mapex MPX Maple/Poplar

Most versatile


  • Maple/Poplar Hybrid Shell 
  • Mounting bracket 
  • Armory Series Throwoff



The snare drum has a warm, punchy tone that’s versatile enough to work across various genres, from rock to jazz to funk. 

It has chrome hardware for a sleek and modern look and includes Remo drumheads, which are high-quality and easy-to-find replacements.

While the 6.5″ depth may not suit everyone’s preference, some users have found the drum to be a bit too bright or lacking in depth compared to other maple snare drums. 

Additionally, the stock snare wires may differ from everyone’s liking and may need replacing for optimal sound. Finally, some users have reported issues with the drum’s tuning stability over time, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Overall, the Mapex MPX is worth considering if you’re looking for a budget-friendly maple/poplar hybrid snare drum that can deliver a warm and punchy sound across multiple genres. Just be prepared to make some adjustments to make it sound just right.

best budget snare drum

5. Gretsch Drums Black Nickel Over Steel

Most versatile


  • Maple/Poplar Hybrid Shell 
  • Mounting bracket 
  • Armory Series Throwoff



The Gretsch Drums Black Nickel Over Steel Snare Drum is a versatile and attractive option for a bright and cutting sound for drummers. 

The black nickel finish gives it a unique look, while the steel shell provides a focused and projected sound with a wide tuning range.

The triple-flanged hoops offer a balanced and open sound, making it ideal for rimshots, though some drummers may prefer die-cast hoops for more articulation. The drum also boasts 10 lugs, ensuring consistent tuning and tension across the drumhead.

One downside to this snare drum is that the steel shell may be warmer and more resonant than other materials and may not be as sensitive as some other snare drums in its price range. Additionally, the black nickel finish may show fingerprints and smudges easily.

Despite its higher price point than other steel snare drums on the market, the Gretsch Drums Black Nickel Over Steel Snare Drum offers Gretsch quality and craftsmanship, making it a solid investment for drummers looking for a unique and versatile sound.

What is a good price for a snare drum?

A good price for a high-end snare drum is $250-$300. By high-end snare drum, I consider a company’s flagship.

A reasonable price for a snare drum would be one that balances affordability with quality. This means that the drum should be priced competitively within its market while still providing high craftsmanship, sound quality, and durability.

For example, if we look at the Mapex MPX Maple/Poplar snare drum, it is priced around $150 to $200, which is quite affordable for a drum made with maple and poplar woods. 

In addition, this drum offers a versatile sound that can be used for various genres and comes with Remo drumheads. So, this is a good price for a quality snare drum.

On the other hand, some snare drums on the market are priced much higher, but they may offer a slight increase in quality or performance. Therefore, it’s essential to evaluate the price concerning the value provided by the drum.


In conclusion, buying a cheap snare drum doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality. 

There are several affordable options available on the market that offer good sound, durability, and versatility. When choosing a snare drum, it’s essential to consider factors such as materials, hardware, brand, craftsmanship, features, and sound quality. 

Additionally, adding upgrades such as good drumheads, changing snare wires, or putting on a better throw-off mechanism can enhance the sound of a budget snare drum.

Based on our research, we have presented five of the best cheap snare drums, each with unique features and advantages. 

The Ludwig Supralite, Pearl Modern Utility,  Mapex MPX, and PDP by DW Concept Maple all offer great value for their price, making them ideal choices for drummers on a budget. 

Ultimately, the right snare drum will depend on your needs, preferences, and musical style.

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