Where are Sabian Cymbals Made?

Sabian cymbals have become the choice of percussionists from around the world.

But where are Sabian cymbals made?

Sabian cymbals are manufactured in Canada, in Meductic, New Brunswick.

Read on to learn all about the Sabian cymbals manufacturer, the company’s history and development, and why they are considered one of the best cymbals in the world.

The history of Sabian cymbals

The answer to the question: “Where are Sabian cymbals made?” starts with a short history lesson.

The small New Brunswick town of Meductic, located along the Saint John River, is the home of this famous cymbal manufacturer Sabian.

However, in 1969, the site that is today the Sabian factory was the headquarters of the company that was then known as AZCO, an affiliate of the Zildjian Cymbal Company.

AZCO was owned by the Zildjian family from Armenia and had been casting cymbals with a highly secure method since 1623.

In 1990 the CBC Business program Venture visited the manufacturing facility in Meductic, which was manufacturing cymbals at the time under the Sabian name.

A dispute that had occurred years ago between the children of Avedis Zildjian Robert and Armand was why Robert created a new business named Sabian.

The two companies were directly competing for drummers’ money.

Production in Canada was one of the reasons for the division between the Zildjian Brothers.

Sabian Cymbals are still produced from the south of New Brunswick town, where the Zildjian company once operated its manufacturing line.

where are Sabian cymbals made?

Which is more superior, Zildjian or Sabian?

There’s been a long-standing debate about which company makes better cymbals.

Zildjian and Sabian are great companies with long histories and lots of industry experience.

They both make powerful products that are beloved in the music world. However, if we talk about the success of both companies, Zildjian is superior.

Based on Zoom Company Info, Sabian’s 2019 revenue was $23 million. Zildjian’s revenues for 2019 were $33 million.

Zildjian and Sabian offer a diverse variety of similar cymbals, generally priced similarly, although specific Sabian models are priced a bit lower.


Sabian is famous for genres like metal and worship, while Zildjian is a more well-known brand for classic rock and punk and is the most sought-after jazz drummer.

Which one you choose is up to you and your ears. You should check out as many different cymbals as possible and see which ones you like best.

Also, don’t feel like you have to buy all Zildjian or all Sabian cymbals. You can mix brands if that’s what sounds best to you.

Is Sabian a reliable brand?

Sabian has been a reliable brand for decades and one of the biggest names in cymbals.

They have been around for a long time and have a reputation for making high-quality cymbals, particularly in the entry-level to mid-price range.

Although they are among the top cymbal manufacturers around the globe, as every major company, they offer a variety of products that vary in quality.

If you’re thinking about buying Sabian cymbals, you’ll want to do some research first, as there are plenty of opinions floating around the internet that might be hard to sort through.

If you want the best quality cymbals, you will probably have to give a bit more money.

However, Sabian offers fair quality for a lower price too.

Which Sabian Cymbals are the best?

Which Sabian Cymbals are the best?

Let’s discuss the best Sabian series.

There are several different Sabian cymbals available that offer a wide range of tones, sizes, and prices to choose from.

This can make it difficult to know which one is right for you. Some of the most popular include:

  • HHX
  • HH
  • AA
  • Artisan
  • AAX
  • Paragon
  • Crescent

The cool thing about Sabian Cymbals is that different styles of cymbals are going to be good for different players.

If you’re a beginner and looking for a standard rock setup, we suggest the B8X series.

They’re bright, loud, and high-pitched, so they’ll cut through the mix well.

If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, go ahead and upgrade to the AAX XPlosion Pack.

The B8X are great if you’re just starting out or don’t want to spend too much on a set of cymbals, but if you want something that will last a lifetime and will keep up with your playing style as it progresses over time, we highly recommend the AAXs.


Sabian is one of the big cymbal manufacturers in the world, along with its primary competitor Zildjian. Its headquarters are located in Meductic, New Brunswick, Canada.

Visit their factory and store in the town of Meductic, and you can see the demonstration of the cymbal making process.

This is a great opportunity to see how cymbals are made, especially their top-quality hand-hammered ones.

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