Where are Paiste Cymbals Made?

Paiste cymbals are made in Switzerland.

The Swiss company specializes in producing high-quality cymbals for drummers and percussionists of all levels.

They have been producing quality products since 1917 when Estonian founder Michail Toomas Paiste began making cymbals from a copper-zinc alloy in his home country.

When the Soviet Union occupied Estonia, Paiste moved to Switzerland and continued his work, opening a factory in 1950.

Short History Behind Paiste Cymbal

In 1917, Michail Toomas returned home to his homeland, Estonia, and opened a new firm in Tallinn. 

In search of a way to meet the changing demands of contemporary music and the emergence of a drum kit, Michail M. quickly became the company’s main driver.

He began to develop his concept of Turkish-style cymbals that he preferred to Chinese-style, which the company initially built its designs on.

At the same time, he invented the first gongs for the company. The resultant instruments gained international recognition after being exported to Europe, the US, and other countries.

The aftermath during World War II forced Michail M. to flee Estonia to Poland, and he returned to Poland, where he established the family company. Erik.

At the close of the conflict, Michail M. and his family fled Poland to become refugees. They arrived in the northern part of Germany, and three times, Michail M. began making gongs and cymbals.

Because of the company’s excellent reputation, it soon rekindled its business relations, and its strong export business continued into the 1950s.

The manufacturing process started in the year 1957. Then, he introduced a third-generation, his sons Robert and Toomas joined the company. 

A new era was born when Robert and Toomas created Paiste Switzerland as its international business operations center.

In 1981, the company was established in the world’s biggest market for musical instruments through the establishment of Paiste America within the US. Erik Toomas’s son has been the CEO of Paiste since 2003.

Where are Paiste cymbals made?

What are Paiste Signature cymbals made of?

They are constructed from a patented bronze specifically designed for cymbals and handcrafted from beginning to end with the highest level of skill Swiss craftsmen and designed and manufactured per the most rigorous sound principles. 

What alloy is Paiste Signature?

Paiste “Sound Alloy” 15% Tin and 85% copper is the first formula in bronze specifically designed to produce sound effects for cymbals: In 1989, Paiste introduced this professional cymbal series bronze contains 15 percent of tin.

Do Paiste 101 cymbals great?

Although Paiste 101 is described as a set for beginners, they are generally considered to have superior durability and sound quality compared to competitors’ lower ranged cymbals.

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