Where are Meinl Cymbals Made?

Its cymbal manufacturing is among the “big four” manufacturers of cymbals along with Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian.

Were are Meinl cymbals made? Meinl Percussion is a manufacturer of percussion instruments based within Gutenstetten, Germany. 

Roland Meinl founded Meinl Percussion in 1951. Apart from its renowned reputation for producing cymbals made of various alloys, Meinl is renowned for its congas made of fiberglass and gongs made of plywood, which are the latest advancements in manufacturing and materials.

While Roland died in 2007, the business is still run by the family and is currently run by Son Reinhold and daughter Ingrid.

Their two children, Alexander and Janin, are also employed by the company.

Meinl’s roster of artists includes several heavy metal drummers: Tommy Clufetos (Ozzy), Chris Adler (Lamb of God), Dave Mackintosh (Dragonforce) as well as Anders Johansson (Hammerfall), to mention a few.


Roland Meinl's motive for manufacturing cymbals in 1951

In the aftermath of World War II, Roland began his apprenticeship as a maker of wind instruments in Grasslitz but was cut short due to his family’s move to Rimpar, close to Wuerzburg.

However, business was part of his DNA since he traded many agricultural goods, such as potatoes and wheat, to purchase instruments like accordions.

He began making cymbals because he noticed a need for them. However, they weren’t intended for professional use.They were intended for children and novices. 

Everything he knew about making cymbals was acquired by himself, and when he began creating cymbals at his 200-square-foot workshop, the majority of his work was made by hand.

Thanks to Margarete, his spouse, a typical workday would begin at 4:45 a.m. and go on late into the night.

Meinl was famous as a producer of "European" sounding cymbals. What does this mean?

According to my understanding, I believe that the phrase “European sound” refers to B8, a particular type of bronze used in the production of cymbals.

They utilized it initially and are still using that alloy; however, we have increased the number of alloys that cover many different sounds. In actual fact, Meinl is the only manufacturer that uses four distinct alloys of bronze to produce cymbals B8, B10, B12, and the B20.

Each alloy is unique and has a distinct sound, and this is something we’re in a position to provide musicians.

Is Meinl a German company?

Is Meinl a German company?

Yes, it’s a German-based company.

What are Meinl cymbals made of?

Meinl makes cymbals out of B20, B10, B12 and B8 bronze.

Most of the Byzance Foundry Reserve Byzance, Symphonic, and parts from the Candela series cymbals are constructed using B20 bronze. 

Are Meinl Cymbals any good?

Meinl Cymbals are an excellent value. They are incredibly and perform precisely as well as Cymbals that cost more. They are highly reliable and playable at a fraction of the price of other premium cymbals.

Do Meinl Cymbals crack easily?

Cymbals will wear out with time. Cymbals are a lot of robust round plates made of alloys of various metals.

Drummers who strike cymbals extremely forcefully can cause them to wear out quickly. In time, when you strike them, the structural structure of the metal deteriorates, which causes the cymbals to break.

The wear and tear of cymbals could be due to several reasons. These are mainly due to the kind of alloy used to create the cymbals, the method of how the cymbals get struck, and the kind of drum sticks that are used in striking them.

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Meinl cymbals generally last for 5-10 years before cracking or breaking. intended for children and novices. 

Are Meinl HCS good?

Are Meinl HCS good?

The Meinl HCS line of cymbals has been in existence for a few years now. They have proven to be extremely popular with students and drummers seeking to purchase cheap but high-quality drums.


With the cost for these cymbals, it’s important to have modest expectations about the sound from these instruments. They are intended to be cymbals that are suitable for beginners. They won’t be incredibly sounding.

Build Quality

The cymbals used in the Meinl HCS review are constructed of a brass alloy that includes 63% copper. This brass formula is used in the manufacturing of cymbals for entry-level use. It provides a strong sound and is affordable to make.


The Meinl HCS cymbal set is definitely versatile as is. This set of brass cymbals will allow beginners to discover how to drum ease!


With a precise stick shape and a mellow sound, these cymbals are pleasant to play compared to the multitude of inexpensive cymbals available for sale.


The value-for-money that Meinl HCS cymbals offer is amazing. That’s why they are among the top cheap cymbals on the market. They’re cheap cymbals, and it’s a fact. That.

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