What Are Drum Practice Pads? Silent Practicing Made Easy

In this article, I will talk about drum practice pads, the most essential practice tool for drummers of all skill levels.

Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or a seasoned pro, a practice pad is a must-have in your drumming toolkit.

The reason is simple: they’re cheap, portable, and allow you to start practicing drum rudiments immediately. In fact, many drummers start using a practice pad before they even sit behind a drum kit.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the essential things you need to know about drum pads. I’ve covered you, from the different materials they’re made of to the benefits of using them.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to use a practice pad to take your drumming skills to the next level.

What are drum practice pads?

Drum pads are round objects crafted from rubber or mesh, utilized by drummers to practice quietly.

These round objects, allow for quiet practice anywhere without disturbing anyone around. 

They come in various forms, from standalone pads to those included in a kit. 

For those looking to practice on their acoustic drums but not wanting to disturb the peace, some models can even be placed directly on drums or cymbals to significantly reduce volume. 

If you want to improve your drumming skills, don’t overlook the power of a good practice pad.

The benefits of using practice pads

Importance of practice pads for drummers

One does not need to have a drum set to practice drumming. Many hand exercises, such as rudiments, endurance, and dynamics, can be accomplished using only a drum pad. 

While practicing on an actual drum set may be preferable as the pad can bounce the stick more, it is more important to maintain a consistent practice routine, and a drum pad allows for this.

Types of Drum Practice Pads

When it comes to practice pads, drum companies typically use two types of materials to construct them. 

  • Rubber pads are known for their durability and longevity; they are portable and have a higher bounce than a real drum. However, they tend to be louder than mesh pads. 
  • Mesh pads are not as durable as rubber pads, but they are quieter and better emulate the feel of a real drum. It may be necessary to replace the mesh head from time to time.

All of the pads can come in the form of:

Standalone drum pad

rubber drum practice pads

These are the most regular drum pads you can purchase in any music store for $20 to $60. 

These pads can be easily mounted on a drum stand. Whether you have a drum practice kit at home, the regular drum pad will come in handy cause it’s portable. 

Who it’s for?

It’s great for drummers who don’t have room for a practice kit or acoustic/electric drums in their homes. It’s the cheapest solution for drum practice that you can find.

Practice drum pad kit

drum practice kit

It’s basically 4-5 regular drum pads mounted on a drum stand. It’s a massive upgrade from a normal pad cause with it, you can practice feet, coordination, and orchestrations with it. 

Who it’s for?

It’s excellent for drummers who don’t have an actual drum set in their home but have enough room to set up the practice kit. It’s also a budget solution cause they cost less than electronic drum sets.

Drum silencer pads

drum silencer

They usually come in the form of rubber pads and are designed to be easily put on every piece of a drum set, including cymbals.

Who it’s for?

It’s a great feature for drummers who have a drum set in their home but can’t deal with noise.

Electronic practice pads

electronic drum pads

Usually made for children, not for professional drummers, but when it comes to colossal drum practice upgrades, you should consider getting electronic drums or professional electronic pad.

Check out full article I have on best electronic drum pads.

Compared to the rubber practice kit I already mentioned, it comes with a module, more “reel feel pads,” and a whole database of sounds and playalongs.

How to Use Drum Practice Pads

A drum practice pad is a valuable tool and it should be incorporated into daily practice routines to make progress and improve skills.

Here are all the things you can practice only on a drum pad:

  • Basic drum strokes
  • Proper hand grip
  • Posture
  • Rudiments and patterns
  • Hand coordination
  • Improvisation
  • Dynamic
  • Accuracy and timing
  • Hand endurance
  • Hand speed

It is important to remember that the lack of a real drum set at home should not be an excuse to not make an effort and practice daily.

Advantages of Using Drum Practice Pads

While it’s best if you practice on a real drum set, here are a couple benefits of using a drum practice pad:

Portability: Their size makes them easy to transport. Having a drum pad by your side can make a substantial difference in whether you are going to improve or at least maintain your drumming technique.

Consistency in practice: A regular routine is essential for becoming good at drums. If sometimes you can’t go and sit behind a real drum, practice pads will allow that consistency to happen even then.

Pads are quiet – Even if you have a drum set at home, you might not be able to play it at home due to its volume. Drum practice pads are quiet and perfect for home practice.

You can improve technique – Endurance and proper technique take time, and exercises to improve this are usually painfully boring. It’s great to watch your favorite movie while practicing simultaneously and that actually what drummers often do while practicing on a drum pad.

It’s affordable – When starting out, parents may doubt purchasing a drum set for their child, wondering if it is a passion they wish to pursue. However, with practice pads and sticks, which can be obtained for a relatively low cost of between $30 to $50, okids can begin learning their drumming technique without committing to a full set.

Let’s Summarise

So yeah, every drummer should have a practice drum pad.

Beginners to start practicing drum technique seasoned pro to maintain and further develop drum technique.

I suggest you start with a regular drum pad either mesh or rubber and later upgrade with something else either practice kit or electronic drum set.

Now it’s your turn.

Let me know if you are using a drum pad for practice and if that helped you.

Let me know in the comments below.


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