Record Drums on Fiverr – Why I Finally Stopped

If you are planning to record drums on Fiverr and start your journey as a professional musician try first to look around for other people’s Fiverr experience.

That way you will save time, effort and money. Also, you will get a picture of what is all about. The main reason behind my bad Fiverr experience is their protection of the buyers no matter what.

Fiver’s type of buyers are something special. You will get answers on most popular questions regarding Fiverr and find out why I got kicked out.

Here are some things I will go over in this article:

  1. How I started to record drums on Fiverr
  2. Expectations VS Reality
  3. What made my Fiverr experience worse
  4. Customers on Fiverr
  5. Types of packages I offered
  6. Why I got kicked out of Fiverr?
  7. Unsatisfied customers
  8. Order Issues
  9. The moment when I decided to quit
  10. Who is the Fiverr for?

How I started to record drums on Fiverr

So, I started with a material that I already had and that is fine if the video and the sound is good.

My plan was to gain some experience as a studio drummer and get to know some big clients. I really wanted my session career and I still do.

I posted a few gigs and and soon I got my first customer. 

And guess what, I even got a tip. Yeah, that is possible if the customer is satisfied he can tip you.

Overall I did over 50 gigs with more than 30 customers and I enjoyed playing on some tunes. I was on Fiverr for 2 years and it got worse. 

My customers got worse but I found a way to deal with them. I just wish I red this type of post and learn from other people Fiverr experience before even posting a gig.

Now from a distance, a realize some of my mistakes. However it would not be any different, I would quit anyway or change something big.

Whatever you change on your end, Fiverr customers will remain the same.

Expectations vs reality

My main goal was to have a couple of customers who have constant needs for recording drums. It was impossible to find that on Fiverr and let me tell you why. 

Fiverr customers are amateurs so for drums they have some demos or just want you to record drums so they can jam to it.

Serious musicians and producers will not take a guy from Fiverr. My plan was condemned to failure from the beginning. 

The perspective is very different, however. In my case I didn’t have drums at home so I had to go to the studio, to lose time and money.

So if I sell my gig for $30, Fiverr will take their part which is 20%. I need to pay for a studio and if you count in the cost of the fuel it is really not worth it. 

I knew that I will play for pocket money on the beginning but I thought that was going to change after I gain some reputation and fiverr experience.

It is impossible to sell on Fiverr for a let’s say 100 bucks per gig.

What made my Fiverr experience worse

I mention perspective, let me clarify this. Playing for a small buck is great if you have drums at home where everything is set up to record drums on Fiverr.

My studio time starts with tuning, adjusting microphones, attaching cables, setting up Nuendo for recording, etc I wasted a lot of time on prerecording preparation. 

I would record for 30 to 45 minutes. Sometimes I would have spare time but sometimes I would come again tomorrow to get a decent take.

Then when I go home I start mixing on a slow laptop. When I am done if everything is fine and customer likes the track and rates me well, it means that I will get my money in more then 2 weeks.

If a customer is not satisfied sometimes I would give a full refund in order not to get a bad review. 

You can save your time by offering the customer to record again for free but only when you go to the studio for another recording session so sometimes they will decide to wait.

Relations with my customers were pretty good but their expectations were to high against money they were willing to pay.

Customers on Fiverr

First of all whatever you do if the customer isn’t satisfied you will not get your money or you will but you will get a bad review.

The review is life on Fiverr, the review will get you new customers so you are obligated like a little mouse to run in a circle to get a good review. 

Customers, on the other hand, can do whatever they want so if you lose your day for the asshole customer that is ok by Fiverr.

As a seller level of protection is 0. I assume it is a similar case whatever you selling on Fiverr. My customers where people from all over the world and the $5 means a lot worldwide you wouldn’t believe.

They are here to get the premium service for $20. These people listen to Abey Road production but they are not professionals so they don’t know much about costs of this production and want to get the same thing for $20 or so.

This was the main problem for me but it took me time to realize that. If you have plans to sell your gig for a $100, you can forget about it. 

Fiverr doesn’t have that kind of customers. However, it is possible to have some regular clients who will record a few songs from time to time.

Types of packages I offered

So basically you have two types of packages. First one is basic package lets say drums and then customer can add something to it in my case I had:

  1. Drums
  2. Mixed drums
  3. Bass and drums
  4. Drums and bass mixed

Another type is premade so a customer cannot add something to a gig but only to decide which package is best for them. 

It is not such a big difference between those two types look on it as a possibility of customizing gig yourself as a customer.

To be honest, it is the same. I didn’t have more gigs with one type and less with the other one, from my experience this does not make a difference.

My advice is to give yourself enough days to complete the gig.

Why I got kicked out of Fiverr?

So, I offered a few packages for 25-45 bucks depending on what you include.

My gigs were with 0 revisions for the price which means I charged for every revision but exceptions were that I have offered revision free of charge in case they are willing to wait for my next session. Delivery time was usually around 3-4 days.

The main problem besides customers was that I didn’t have the appropriate conditions to work without stress. 

I had to pay for a rehearsal studio and by that lose some money. Recording preparation lasted too long and if I got lucky everything will work on my laptop.

If anything does not go well like for ex. a laptop missed recording a snare drums channel or something like I  that I would need to go again tomorrow and pay even more.

I didn’t have an appropriate laptop for mixing. Have in mind that programs like Cubase, Pro Tools, Nuendo… will drain down your RAM memory, sound card and a processor so you need to have a very good computer in order to do this smoothly.

Exporting time is a story for itself on a lousy computer it can last too long and if something is not right you need to wait again.

To sumarize, it was suffer but the biggest issue was not a computer, conditions or little money but the customers.

Unsatisfied customers

First time I run into an unsatisfied customer I recorded again, then I came to an idea to offer them a new free recording but with another session so they will wait but get it for free.

Some customers were willing to pay additional revision because I recorded what they asked but they wanted to change something and that is fine by me.

After some time and a decent number of satisfied clients I run on a first unsatisfied customer and I had to give the money back.

Order Issues

There was even one tune I couldn’t record. They sent me a guitar only track and the tune was not in one tempo but it was going in a circle from slower to faster.

It was very hard to play correctly. I had to give the money back it was an impossible idea and that was fine by customer I told him that if he manages to attach a metronome to that song I will record it but otherwise not.

Most customer issues that I have was with people who are expecting too much for their money. I had a bad Fiverr experience a couple of times so I started to decline gigs when I realize that I have that type of clients. 

That is something I strongly suggest you do because that way you will avoid bad reviews and refunds.

In other words, it will save you time and money.

The moment when I decided to quit

I was at the end of my nerves with cheap needy customers, too much time invested in wrong clients and all that for pocket money. My last client was a guy who ordered a Drums only package and when I finished he asked me “Where is the bass guitar”.

My friend and I had a package with a bass guitar but he didn’t order that one. So I told him that and now suddenly he doesn’t like my playing and he wants his money back. At that moment I decided to quit Fiverr. I gave this guy a full refund and tell him to go to hell.

He sends a complaint to Fiverr, they deleted my account and that was the end… To be honest I was released…  I hope you will not have a bad Fiverr experience like I do but some things on Fiverr are inevitable.

Who is the Fiverr for?

Your Fiverr experience can be great. if you have all the right conditions to record every day an unlimited number of takes and fast that way you don’t spend too much energy to earn a few bucks.

You can gain experience in studio drumming next to Fiverr experience and it will make a better drummer out of you. If you have nerves to deal with clients and fulfill all their needs that is great for this job.

On Fiverr, you can earn some extra cash but that is about it. Why? One simple reason, customers didn’t come on Fiverr to spend a fortune. They even advertise themselves as a platform on which you can get anything for $5… think about it.

 If you decide to give it a try record drums on Fiverr I wish you good luck.

Denis Loncaric

Denis Loncaric

My name is Denis. I am a drummer, percussionist, music enthusiast, and blogger. Drums have been my passion for 15 years now. My idea is to write about the things I like and I am interested in. I want to share my drum passion with fellow musicians who walk, talk, and breathe drums.

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  1. It all depends on how you approach things. Anyone can do well anywhere if they really want to.

    I make a living, I repeat, I make a living recording drums on Fiverr. That’s been my full time job for the past 2 years. And I live above poverty level. So yeah it’s all about perspective.

    Great article.

    • Hi, thanks for the comment, I am glad to hear at least somebody succeded. I agree that somebody can have totally different experience on Fiverr.

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