Transition to Hybrid Drums Explained

November 8, 2023

Hybrid drums mix the traditional drumming you hear in rock songs with the cool electronic beats from dance music. They let you play normal drum sounds and mix in different noises like claps, booms, or zaps, all from one drum set.

It’s like having a regular drum kit and a computer game’s sound effects in one. This way, you can play all sorts of music, from old-school jazz to the latest pop hits.

Ready to start playing around with all kinds of fun sounds on your drums? Let’s jump in!

What are Hybrid Drums?

Hybrid drums bring together the best of both worlds: the classic acoustic drums you know and love, plus the awesome variety of electronic sounds.

What’s the Big Deal?

You have your normal drums, right? But with hybrid drums, you slap on these neat little gadgets called triggers onto your drum skins.

How Do They Work?

When you hit the drum, the trigger sends a signal to a drum module – think of it as a mini computer full of sounds – and it plays back whatever sound you want.

Why Use Them?

This setup lets you do some super cool things. You can:

  • Keep your drum’s natural sound for some songs.
  • Go wild with different sounds for others, like turning your snare drum into a disco clap or making your kick drum sound like a giant bass synth.

Easy to Use

Once everything’s set up, it’s a breeze. You play your drums just like you always do, and the hybrid system handles all the special effects.

Integrating Hybrid Elements into Your Drum Setup

1. Triggers on Acoustic Drums:

  • Mount the triggers (let’s say ddrum) onto your chosen drums, such as the snare and kick.
  • Connect the triggers to the drum module with cables.
  • Place the drum module within easy reach for on-the-fly adjustments.
  • The module’s output should then be connected to your mixer to blend with other instruments.

2. Adding a Sample Pad:

  • Attach the sample pad like Roland SPD-SX to a stand positioned for easy reach, often next to the hi-hat.
  • Connect the pad’s output to the mixer with a standard instrument cable, ensuring it’s integrated into the overall mix.

3. Incorporating a Module with Separate Pads:

  • Arrange the electronic pads around your kit in convenient locations.
  • Run cables from these pads to the drum module.
  • Feed the module’s output into the mixer, combining the electronic drum sounds with your acoustic tones.

When these hybrid components are set up and connected, you’ll be able to switch between traditional acoustic sounds and electronic samples or effects, providing a rich and versatile drumming experience. This setup is perfect for drummers looking to add a new dimension to their performances and recordings.

Option 4: The DW Electrified Hybrid Kit

Recently in 2023, there’s been an exciting development in the world of hybrid drums. DW, a renowned drum manufacturer, has stepped into the future with their DW Electrified Kit—a factory-made hybrid drum set that’s wireless and can be easily switched between a traditional acoustic setup and a cutting-edge electronic kit.

This DW Electrified Kit is not just innovative for being wireless but also because it maintains the aesthetic and feel of a high-quality DW Collector’s Series acoustic drum set. It’s designed for drummers who demand the best of both acoustic and electronic drum worlds without the hassle of extensive setups.

How It Works:

  • DW Wireless Technology: The kit utilizes advanced wireless triggers embedded inside the drums, which communicate with a drum module to produce a range of electronic drum sounds.
  • Versatile Drum Sounds: With the flick of a switch, you can transition from an acoustic to an electronic kit, offering a multitude of sound options for any style or performance.

Integrating the Kit Into Your Setup:

  • Stand-Alone Configuration: The DW Electrified Kit can be used as is, with no cables cluttering your space, thanks to its wireless capability.
  • Module and Computer: For electronic sounds, the kit connects to a computer via a USB hub and the DW Control App, which offers a vast library of high-quality drum samples.
  • Acoustic Conversion: If you prefer to play acoustically, simply remove the electronic components, switch the mesh heads for regular drum heads, and you have a premium DW acoustic kit.

This option is perfect for the drummer looking for an all-in-one solution with the flexibility of electronic sounds and the authenticity of an acoustic drum set. 

The DW Electrified Kit is a significant investment, but for the professional drummer who wants a seamless blend of acoustic and electronic without any compromise, it’s a game-changer.

Wrap Up

Starting with triggers and a sample pad, like the Roland SPD-SX, is the most affordable way to dip into hybrid drumming, allowing you to layer electronic sounds onto your acoustic kit. 

For those seeking a middle-range option, adding a drum module and separate pads provides a customizable setup with a broader sound range. 

At the high end, the DW Electrified Kit offers a top-tier, wireless hybrid experience that seamlessly integrates with professional setups. Ultimately, whether you’re budget-conscious or ready to invest, there’s a hybrid option to enhance your drumming without breaking the bank.

Denis Loncaric
Denis Loncaric

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