How to Play the Pataflafla Rudiment

November 15, 2023

If the quest of learning how to play the Pataflafla rudiment has brought you here, rest assured, you’re in good company. With sticks poised and a rhythm in mind, I’ve navigated the same complex beats of this rudiment and am ready to share the secrets to mastering it.

This article is packed with tips and techniques that will guide you on how to play the Pataflafla rudiment with precision and flair. With dedication and practice, you’ll transform this daunting pattern into an effortless part of your drumming.

In a rush? The Pataflafla is a rhythm involving a flam, followed by two taps, and capped with another flam, forming a distinctive sound pattern.

Now, let’s dive into the nuances of how to play the Pataflafla rudiment!

how to play the Pataflafla rudiment

What is the Pataflafla?

The Pataflafla is a percussive sequence that adds a flam to both ends of two taps, creating a vibrant and challenging pattern for drummers.

Understanding the Pataflafla

The Pataflafla is a percussive pattern that layers the rudimental challenge of a flam with a bouncing sequence of taps. It is a drumming rudiment that consists of a pair of flams separated by two taps. 

This rhythmic structure creates a complex and syncopated sound, making it a captivating addition to any drummer’s skill set. Imagine it as a dance of sticks over the drumhead, where the alternating taps and accented flams produce a lively and textured cadence.

How to Play the Pataflafla Rudiment

  1. Start with the Flam: Initiate the sequence with a flam. This consists of a grace note that is swiftly followed by a louder primary stroke from the opposite hand.
  2. Proceed with Two Taps: After the flam, execute two taps. These should be single strokes that bridge the gap between the first flam and the second.
  3. Another Flam to Close: Follow the taps with another flam to complete one cycle of the Pataflafla.
  4. Cycle and Repeat: Once you’ve completed one cycle (flam-tap-tap-flam), start again to create a continuous rhythm.

Tips for Perfecting the Pataflafla

  • Grace Note Precision: Keeping your grace notes controlled and quiet is essential. They set the stage for the primary strokes to shine.

  • Focus on the Final Flam: Aim to accentuate the second flam for emphasis, treating the first as a bounce stroke and the second as a controlled stroke.

  • Patience with the Pace: Begin your practice slowly to ensure accuracy, then gradually build up your speed as you become more confident.

  • Dynamic Variation: Practice the Pataflafla at different volumes to master its application across various musical situations.


In conclusion, understanding how to play the Pataflafla rudiment is an excellent way to elevate your drumming and add intricate layers to your rhythmic palette. With its combination of flams and taps, it challenges your coordination and timing, offering a satisfying complexity to master.

Stay persistent in your practice, focus on the details, and soon the Pataflafla will not only be a part of your practice routine but also a highlight in your performances. Keep those grace notes precise, and let the rhythm flow!

Denis Loncaric
Denis Loncaric

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