Learn How to Play the Inverted Flam Tap

November 15, 2023

Embarking on learning how to play the inverted flam tap rudiment can feel like navigating a rhythmic labyrinth—complex, yet intriguing. 

I empathize with the initial struggle, knowing well the dedication it demands to transform confusion into rhythmic clarity. 

By sticking with this article, you’ll unravel the nuances of this pattern, turning perplexity into percussive prowess. 

For those in a rush: the inverted flam tap is a snappy pattern alternating between a flam and a tap, giving it a unique, aggressive edge. 

Let’s start tapping into the rhythm!

how to play the inverted flam tap

What is an Inverted Flam Tap?

An inverted flam tap is a percussive pattern where a flam is followed by an alternating tap, creating a robust and articulate sequence that differs in accentuation and flow from its rudimental cousins.

How to play the inverted flam tap

  1. Begin with a Downstroke Flam: Start with a low grace note and a strong downstroke to create the flam. The grace note should be soft and just before the main stroke, ensuring a crisp sound.

  2. Follow with an Upstroke Tap: After the flam, the hand that played the main note performs a tap in an upstroke motion, preparing for the next flam.

  3. Alternate Hands: Continue the pattern by alternating hands, ensuring that the tap after the flam is always with the opposite hand.

Tips for Perfecting the Inverted Flam Tap

  • Slow Practice: Start practicing the inverted flam tap at a slow tempo to get comfortable with the sticking and to ensure clean execution of flams and taps.

  • Down-Up Motion: Focus on the down-up motion to maintain a consistent technique, which is crucial for playing the inverted flam tap correctly.

  • Accent Dynamics: Pay attention to the dynamics of your accents and taps. The inverted flam tap requires a strong accent on the flam followed by a lighter tap.

  • Contrast with Regular Flam Taps: Practice both inverted flam taps and regular flam taps to understand and appreciate the different articulations and uses in your playing.

  • Gradual Speed Increase: As your comfort with the rudiment grows, gradually increase the tempo without losing clarity or technique.

Wrap up

The inverted flam tap is a pivotal rudiment that brings a distinctive aggression and articulation to your drumming repertoire. It stands out with its unique sequence of a downstroke flam followed by an upstroke tap, creating a ‘boomerang’ effect in sound and motion. 

The rudiment challenges your control and dynamic range, requiring meticulous practice to perfect both the subtle grace notes and the pronounced accents. Remember, slow and steady wins the race when practicing this pattern.

Denis Loncaric
Denis Loncaric

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