How to improve dynamic and metric on drums

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First I will show you 4 basic strokes that will improve your dynamic and metric. You will not find this lesson on Youtube at least I haven’t seen it. I learn this exercise from our local drum teacher. It is the greatest lesson I ever learned so that is why I decided to share it with the drumming community.

Drumming is all about metric (distance between two notes) and dynamic. This lesson contains both.It is a powerful tool but, you need to practice it painfully slow, like 50 bpm slow.

Let’s start..

Importance of dynamic

Dynamic is the space between loudest and the quietest note. The whole point is to lower done the volume of the quiet one and make a larger range between those two notes..

This is one of the main characteristics of professional drummers, they all have mastered dynamic.

This will make a difference in studio recording, where you can hear every detail

I found this video of one of my favorite drummers Vinnie Colaiuta explaining this, check it out…

Importance of metric

Metric is the distance between two notes. So, metric is the space distance while dynamic is the volume distance. Our bad metric will make the groove bad because some notes are not where they need to be. We even play that note faster or slower than we suppose to.

There are plenty drum exercises designed to improve your metric but here is the best one by my modest opinion. It is called 10 by 10 and it’s made to bring your metric to perfection.

4 Basic Drum Strokes

1. DOWN stroke

You start in an up position and you finish all the way down after you hit the drum.

2. TAP stroke

Your stick is in the down position so you hit one gentle, quiet tap.

3. UP stroke

You are starting in a down position going up. On your way up you need to hit tap as quiet as you can.

4. FULL stroke

You are starting it an up position, hitting the drum and ending in the same position

5. Combine

Now you need to combine all these strokes. So, down,tap,up,full. Practice this at 50 bpm and increase the tempo slowly..


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