Drumeo review: Does it offer value for money? (April 2023 Update)

I improved my skills and drumming knowledge by spending a few months on Drumeo Edge.

This platform can help young beginner drummers improve, whether that means enhancing their technique, expanding their groove and fill vocabulary, or learning how to play various styles or genres of music.

Here is a full Drumeo Edge Review where I will share everything I discovered in this couple of months.

9.8Expert Score
In a hurry? Here's the Verdict:

Overall, Drumeo Edge is a great platform for beginners and intermediate drummers. It has the best value-for-money ratio since they offer way more videos than other platforms for the same price.

  • World-class drum teachers
  • Planned lessons
  • Content includes drum play-alongs, live lessons, and community forums.
  • Accessing lessons and content anytime, anywhere
  • Requires a subscription fee
  • Some students prefer in-person instruction over online learning.
  • For advanced drummers seeking highly personalized instruction, private lessons may be better.

Overview of Drumeo

Drumeo is an online platform that provides drumming lessons and resources for its users. 

It was founded in 2009 by Canadian drummer Jared Falk. 

Drumeo offers a wide range of lessons for all skill levels, from beginner to advanced. 

It has received numerous awards, including the Best Music Education Website Award from MusicRadar.

Drumeo currently has over 70k subscribers, and with that number, they are the number one platform for learning drums online.

Here are some uncommon facts about Drumeo:

  • Drumeo almost had the name “Drumio”
  • “Drum Education Online” is what Drumeo is short for.
  • Their first guest performer was Larnell Lewis.
  • Drumeo used to be a mail-order drum DVD service. They used to give away cymbals to new members.
  • Drumeo has more than 60 drum sets and more than 300 cymbals.

Features of Drumeo

There’s plenty that goes with Drumeo Edge membership. Here are the features you may find valuable. 

  • Superstar teachers, like Dennis Chambers, are crème de la crème of drumming
  • 500+ hours of video material
  • It has a community of over 70 000 drummers from around the world.
  • It offers a free trial for users to try the platform before committing to a paid subscription.
  • Step-by-step methods for beginners
  • Intuitive software with a great user experience across all devices
  • It offers a free trial for users to try out the platform before committing to a paid subscription
  • It also provides various practice tools, such as a metronome and drum loops.

For a complete walkthrough check out this video.

Benefits of Using Drumeo

World-class drum instructors: Drumeo Edge offers a team of expert drum instructors. These instructors have played with top musicians.

Structured lesson plans: Drumeo Edge guides students through their drumming journey. Students progress steadily and need to catch essential fundamentals.

Drumeo Edge offers a wide range of lessons and courses, from basic drumming techniques to advanced concepts and styles.

Interactive features: Drumeo Edge’s platform includes drum play-along, live lessons, and community forums for drummers to connect and share their progress.

Flexibility: Drumeo Edge’s online platform lets students access lessons and content anytime.

Drumeo (free) VS Drumeo Edge (paid)

Most of the videos within Drumeo Edge (500+ hours) can’t be found on YouTube. I think it is fantastic that Drumeo offers plenty of videos for free.

Although Drumeo’s YouTube channel contains 1347+ videos and although it includes complete lessons, Drumeo Edge is packed with a lot of bonus materials.

Let’s take Steve Smith’s lessons as an example.

Here is what I was able to find on Youtube:

drumeo edge review 2020

Here is what they have on the Drumeo Edge platform:

drumeo edge review 2021
drumeo edge review 2022
drumeo lessons review

They have 29 Steve Smiths videos, of which only 3 are published for free on YouTube.

Drumeo Pricing

Drumeo Edge offers two plans:

  • Monthly plan – $25 for Drumeo (lessons only) & $30 for Drumeo+ (lessons + songs)
  • Annual plan – $200 for Drumeo (lessons only)  & $240 for Drumeo+ (lessons + songs)

Is the Drumeo app worth it?

The annual plan costs $25 monthly for more than 500 hours of video material. 

Including all other benefits like community feedback, great coaches, and a perfect user experience in the app.

Let’s say you have $25 monthly to invest in your drumming. Do you have a better idea?

Some other platform, sure, why not, or private 1 on 1 lesson, which is better than any online platform but in most countries, for $20, you can get only one.

You can always try it out for 7 days and see it yourself.

Most important aspects review

Course Content Quality

They offer 500+ hours of drumming videos. With this amount, they have the most extensive database in the drumming world, next to drumchannel.com.

For any advanced drummer with 10+ years of experience, start slowly with a monthly subscription if you want to focus on certain things.

For drum geeks or beginners, go with an annual subscription and enjoy lessons and various podcasts and shows. 

Website and App Usability

I don’t see any flaws in the user experience; this platform is impeccable. It looks sharp, works fast, and offers plenty of features, maybe even more than I need.

Two that I would point out are:

  • It’s mobile friendly

What does this mean?

It has another design version that is well-adaptable to any device. You will have a great user experience on your laptop or mobile.

  • It’s intuitive and easy to use

It has a good structure with plenty of filters, so you can use it to find the videos from the teacher you like, for the level you’re on, or sort them by focus.

It was easy for me to get used to using this platform and to find what I needed.

Drumeo Edge Coaches

Their most significant advantage – is “superstar coaches.” Other drum platforms don’t have this class of drummers among their coaches, or they don’t have so many of them.

Other platforms certainly can’t brag that their drum teacher is Dennis Chambers, Billy Cobham, or Steve Smith.

Remember that 1 on 1 lesson with these guys can cost up to $300. So, “getting” them for $20 a month is Drumeo Edge’s most significant advantage.

More famous Drumeo Edge coaches:

  • Aarons Spears
  • Dom Famularo
  • Todd Sucherman
  • Larnell Lewis
  • Simon Phillips
  • Tommy Igoe

Frequency of New Content

Drumeo Edge frequently adds new content to its platform, adding new lessons, courses, and drum play-alongs regularly. Here are some specifics on the frequency of new content:

  • New drum lessons are added to the platform weekly.
  • New drum play-alongs are added to the platform monthly.
  • New courses are added to the platform quarterly.

Additionally, Drumeo Edge hosts regular live lessons, allowing students to interact with instructors in real-time and ask questions. These live lessons typically take place once a week and cover a wide range of topics and styles.

It’s worth noting that Drumeo Edge has a vast library of existing content, so even if new content is not added regularly, there is still a wealth of material for students to work with and learn from.

Additional Features


Besides the enormous amount of pre-recorded video lessons, they have 5000+ songs in their database.

You can easily adjust the tempo of the songs and loop a specific section. It’s an excellent tool for any drummer who wants to learn new songs.

Their latest update is a feature of removing drums from a song.


They have a forum for paid students. Drummers are helpful to one another, so you can use this forum to get good advice from people.

 Customer Support

There are not many downsides that I can point out except one. They have a section called “Student focus.”

Within the section, you can fill out a form and send them your video along with comments on your goal, focus, etc.

The idea is that they should give you some feedback on your drumming; however, I filled out their form, and by now, I haven’t gotten a response (10+ days).

Except for this “negligible ” moment, I see Drumeo as the number one platform for learning drums.

 Drumeo Review – Verdict

Drumeo Edge is a great investment for anyone looking to improve their drumming skills. Content quality is excellent, and the website and app were user-friendly. The fact that Drumeo offers a free trial is a great way for people to test it out before committing to a subscription

drumeo logo

Alternatives to Drumeo

Drumeo vs Mikeslessons

45+ drummers
Monthly $29 Annual $240
Monthly $29 Annual $269
Video material
500+ hours
75+ hours
User experience
Who is it for
Beginners, Intermediate
Beginners, Intermediate

Let me point out a few differences and things I run into right from the start.

Trial period

While Drumeo offers one month of a trial, mikeslessons.com offers only one week.


mikeslessons review

It doesn’t need to be an advantage, but Drumeo has 49 coaches now, while mikeslessons has only one. On the other hand guy like Mike Johnston can teach you all the important things about drumming.


is mikeslessons worth it

Drumeo Edge monthly is $29. At this moment, it is the same at mikeslessons.

Drumeo Edge annual plan is $240 ($20 a month), while the mikeslesson annual subscription is $269.9 ($22.4 a month).

Mike has a third option which is biannual, which costs $149.65 ($24.9 a month).

Video Material

mikeslessons platform for learning drums

While Drumeo offers 500+ hours of video material, Mike offers 75+ hours. This substantial difference can be a deal breaker.

User experience

Drumeo is a bit more intuitive and easy to use, even for guys who are not tech-savvy. I must say I had some difficulties figuring out some parts of Mike’s website. 

However, I like Mike’s dashboard more because it is focused on what and how long you’ve practiced today, vs Drumeo’s, which is focused on how many videos you’ve watched.

I think Mike is an experienced teacher who knows that we all love to geek on Dennis Chambers’s fast chops, but when it is time to sit down and practice, we get lazy.

Here is a glimpse of the mikeslessons.com dashboard

mikeslessons review


Seeing 0 hours of practice in today’s plan can give you a push and really influence your progress. So my vote goes to Mike here.


I think it’s obvious that Drumeo offers more at this moment for the same monthly and lower annual price. 

However, Mike has a great platform, and both offer free trials, so I suggest you try them out and make a judgment yourself.

Who is it for:

Drumeo – for drum geeks, beginners and intermediate drummers

Mikeslessons – for drummers who want to develop a hard-core drum practice routine

Drumeo vs Drum Channel

Drum Channel
90-days money back guarantee
45+ drummers
40+ drummers
Monthly $29 Annual $240
Monthly $25 Annual $197
Video material
500+ hours
500+ hours
User experience
Who is it for
Beginners, Intermediate
Intermediate, Advanced

Trial period

While Drumeo offers, a 7-day free trial Drum Channel offers 90-day money-back guarantee. It’s up to you since choosing DC doesn’t hold any risk for 3 months. 


drum channel vs drumeo


In terms of “superstar” drummers, they are pretty equal. Drumeo does have more coaches, but not all of them are famous. You can find guys like Thomas Lang, Terry Bozio and Thomas Pridgen on Drum Channel.


drum channel review

Drumeo’s monthly plan costs $29.9, while Drum Channel’s monthly plan costs $25.

Drumeo annual plan costs $240 ($20 a month), while Drum Channel’s annual plan costs $197 ($16.42 a month).

Video Material

drum channel coaches

It is hard to calculate exactly the number of hours in their videos, but it is more than 500, that is for sure. Same or more than Drumeo; after all, the drum channel has a longer tradition. 

Drum channel courses seem to be much more in-depth. They also cover more advanced topics and have a lot of material for drummers who have played for over 10 years.

User experience

drum channel dashboard

Final Thoughts

I was happy to review Drumeo for you.

Whether you are a drum geek or a beginner, Drumeo Edge is perfect. 

If you are an advanced drummer with more than 10 years of experience, you’ll be able to find cool and exciting videos to geek on but not necessarily something new.

With a 7-day free trial, it offers good value for money overall.

Denis Loncaric

Denis Loncaric

My name is Denis. I am a drummer, percussionist, music enthusiast, and blogger. Drums have been my passion for 15 years now. My idea is to write about the things I like and I am interested in. I want to share my drum passion with fellow musicians who walk, talk, and breathe drums.

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