Harry Styles Drummer – Sarah Jones

Harry Styles' music has captivated millions, but behind those iconic tracks is a rhythmic genius many might not be familiar with. Enter Sarah Jones, the heartbeat of Harry Styles' band and the answer to the burning question: "Who is Harry Styles' drummer?" With a flair for drumming that's both ...

Where are Paiste Cymbals Made?

Paiste cymbals are made in Switzerland. The Swiss company specializes in producing high-quality cymbals for drummers and percussionists of all levels. They have been producing quality products since 1917 when Estonian founder Michail Toomas Paiste began making cymbals from a copper-zinc alloy in ...

How to Dampen Cymbals

"Cymbal dampening" was first introduced by the drummer Fred Zarr (and later popularized by his brother, the unusual Saturnian drummer) around 1959 but had been done for years before that in a variety of styles and fashions. It is not known why this idea was given its name.  Still, it seems ...

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