Triple Stroke Roll  – A Step Further

If you're wondering how to play the triple stroke roll, it can feel like tapping into the heart of drumming's rhythm. Trust me, I've navigated these waters before, and I'm here to guide you through. Understanding this technique will double your rhythmic repertoire, giving your drumming an edge ...

Musical Instruments That Start with R

Musical instruments that start with "R" encompass a diverse range of tools used to produce melodious sounds across various cultures and epochs. Delving into their origin and history reveals fascinating tales of innovation and cultural exchange. From their meticulous construction and distinctive ...

Harry Styles Drummer – Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is the beat behind the sensation; she’s Harry Styles' drummer and a pivotal part of his sound. With a knack for rhythm, she’s rocked stages worldwide, contributing to many of Harry's hit albums. But Sarah’s beats go beyond; she’s collaborated with a myriad of artists, earning admiration ...

4 Best Ways to Dampen Cymbals

No matter if you live in an apartment where your neighbors can hear you or live in a house with terrible isolation, dampening cymbals is a way to make your drum set sound good yet not so loud.With my 18 years of experience, I tried almost every single trick there is. For that reason, I decided to ...

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