How to Dampen Cymbals

"Cymbal dampening" was first introduced by the drummer Fred Zarr (and later popularized by his brother, the unusual Saturnian drummer) around 1959 but had been done for years before that in a variety of styles and fashions. It is not known why this idea was given its name.  Still, it seems ...

What to do With Broken Cymbals?

Did you ever wonder what to do with broken cymbals?You can make many things with the broken cymbals – usually, they can be a great addition to a stack. Since stacking cymbals have become popular during the last couple of years, you can use a broken one to create a fantastic custom stack that will ...

16 Best Hi Hat Cymbals – No competition

Every drummer, beginner or professional, knows that hi-hat is the most essential pair of cymbals in a drum set. Hi-hats help you keep the time and hold the bend together while playing – some drum kits only have hi-hats as cymbals. Since they are an indispensable part of a drum kit, it is necessary ...

5 The Best Low Volume Cymbals in 2022

One of the loudest instruments we have in the music world is majestic drums.None of the neighbors are fans due to the drums' noises, especially cymbals.BUT either way, drummers need to practice!There are some sets of new cymbals in the market known as silent cymbals to resolve this problem. These ...

11 Best Cheap Cymbals – 2022 Update

What are cheap cymbals made of?Those cymbals are usually made from different metals.It is common that cymbals made with B8 bronze, also known as Brass, contain 92% copper, and 8% tin, which is cheaper. WHAT TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY? Just so you know, in the beginning, these cheap cymbals are ...

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