Most Expensive Cymbals That Money Can Buy

Today, there are a lot of popular brands providing diverse types of cymbals. From the ones that are cheaper and can suit everyone's pocket to those that are really unique and hard to find. Why? Due to their qualities, produced numbers, and how they are built. Usually, ...

Paiste Cymbals Best to Worst – Complete Guide

Fill out the form, and I will hand-pick the best cymbals for you and drop you an email.It’s not overstating that Paiste is one of the best companies ever in producing some of the most iconic cymbals. They have constantly designed, crafted, and released some of the most innovative ...

The 5 Best Electronic Cymbals – 2024 Update

Electronic drums have been really popular for the last few years. Thanks to the variety of good electronic cymbals, they proved to be very decent for all kinds of drumming.I singled out electronic drum cymbals that currently rule the market and considered their prices and qualities.So stay tuned, ...

5 The Best Low Volume Cymbals in 2024

One of the loudest instruments we have in the music world is majestic drums. None of the neighbors are fans due to the drums' noises, especially cymbals. BUT either way, drummers need to practice! There are some sets of new cymbals in the market known as silent cymbals to ...

How to set up cymbals – Ultimate Guide

Fill out the form, and I will hand-pick the best cymbals for you and drop you an email. When it comes to setting up drum kits, the perfect setup is the one that makes playing natural and easy for a drummer.  The final step in assembling a drum kit is to set up the cymbals on previously ...

11 Best Cheap Cymbals – 2024 Update

I tried a hundred different cymbals in my career. From all kinds of funk hi-hats to those unmatched transparency crashes. However, for this particular article, I chose to test those on-budget cymbals and give my honest review. Luckily, I was also a newbie once, even though it was 15 years ago, I ...

How Cymbals are Made – Full Guide

Cymbal production has three stages:Casting (melting metal, pouring it into a mold and cooling it down).Hammering (crafting the shape and strengthening the material by hitting it either by machine or manually).Finishing (cutting, shaping, polishing the cymbals and printing a logo). If you ever ...

9 Best Cymbals for Metal that Make an Impact

Heavy metal demands powerful drumming, and cymbals are at the heart of it. They're the loudest part of the set, essential for the genre's intensity. Choosing the right cymbals for metal can be daunting, but I've got you covered. With 15 years of experience and thorough research into top brands ...

How to Clean Cymbals Properly in 5 Steps​

In this article I will explain how to clean cymbals properly.Additionally, I'll address some frequently asked questions such as "Can I clean cymbals with household items?" and "How can I clean them without removing the logo?"Now, let's dive right into it.Renowed cymbal companies like Paiste and ...

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