Who Invented the Cymbals?

Cymbal HistoryThe urge to strike objects which could produce sound isn't restricted only for drummers, so the first ancestors of the cymbal were likely constructed in the period when bronze became popular approximately 3000 B.C.While contemporary cymbals can be heard in rock, classical, or jazz ...

Where are Zildjian Cymbals Made?

It all began with an Armenian immigrant named Avedis Zildjian in Constantinople. He perfected his art and gained popularity as his reputation spread far and wide. Avedis created an alloy that made a sound that pleased the Sultan and was ultimately renamed Zildjian (from the Persian word for bell or ...

How To Choose Your Cymbals

This guide will teach you how to choose your cymbals for the music you're playing, drum set, and budget. Without a good set of cymbals, a drum kit is nothing more than a plate of fries without salt and ketchup. Cymbals can add flavor and tone to your drumming.  What is the best combination of ...

How to Stack Cymbals? FAQ Answered

If you are into changing your sound and adding some inspiration to your music, stacking cymbals would be an easy and quick way to do it. There are many ways of doing it, in case you are asking yourself how to stack cymbals.More and more drummers nowadays are going for stack cymbals. Stacking ...

What Cymbals Drum Legends Use

Buddy Rich cymbals Buddy Rich was using Avedis Zildjian cymbals, which included:14" New Beat Hi-Hats18" Thin Crash18" Medium-Thin Crash8" Splash (also used a 6")20" Medium Ride22" Swish.Bernard "Buddy" Rich is one of the most prominent jazz drummers from America.He is ...

Cymbals With Holes? Ultimate Guide

 What are cymbals with holes?Cymbals with holes are made in order to produce certain sounds that can be defined as trashy and sharp. Many cymbals fanatics use them for experimenting with sounds and volume. Sabian claims they are the first company who come up with these kinds of symbals in ...

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