Things to Consider When Buying Headphones for Drummers​

For every drummer worldwide, it is essential to have good quality gear, not only when it comes to drum parts but also headphones.

The market has various in-ears, headphones and all other equipment musicians use. However, whether you are just a beginner, you should know few tips and tricks professional drummers and what things to consider when buying headphones for drummers.

Suppose you ever thought about what headphones professional drummers use. In that case, you are at the right place – I will do my best to explain why it is vital to have excellent quality when it comes to headphones and why many professional drummers use them.

Not only will headphones support you with a good quality sound of the whole mix, but you will also get some excellent hearing protection. It is why professional drummers always choose high-end headphones. They never take their hearing for granted.

Since many drummers tend to switch to high-quality headphones only when they discover they have early hearing problems, it is essential to take care of the ear health before trouble comes, and always go for top-notch drumming headphones.

Headphones that fit your ears can support you through long sessions, whether it’s a live gig, rehearsal, or studio. One of the things you can expect from these headphones is that you will get the highest possible quality.

Every professional drummer will not only go for the excellent quality but for the most comfortable design also. When you go for a good design, you will get that nice light feeling on your head, and what is also good to keep in mind is to get those headphones that have sweat-proof ear cushions cover.

Things to consider when buying headphones for drummers

It is not easy to pick out among many headphones, but keep in mind that professional drummers always know how to pick the perfect pair.

Some of the factors you should consider are:

  • Variety of drumming headphones
  • Headphones for live performances
  • Headphones for acoustic and electric drum kits
  • Home vs. studio sessions
  • Multi usage of headphones

Variety of drumming headphones

Various headphones on the market give endless possibilities from which you can benefit. Still, you should keep in mind many things, such as your budget, sound quality, different types of drums – acoustic or electric – and locations while playing, etc.

Headphones for live performances

Professional drummers know that they need to reduce the noise of the drums while still being able to hear everything – the whole mix and the sound of their drum kit. This is when high-quality headphones like Vic Firth SIH2 Stereo Isolation Headphones come in handy.

They will offer full-range sound and hearing protection in one, allowing you to perform at the top of your game. In addition, the 25dB noise passive noise deduction protects the ears from harmful sound levels during live performances.

Headphones for acoustic and electric drum kits

Matching headphones for types of drums are always good to find. The great choice is the KAT KTUI26 – They have passive isolation and sound noise reduction of 26dB, which helps from harmful sound while playing acoustic drums.

You can also go for the same features for the electric ones – headphones that have outstanding sensitivity, give excellent comfort, and have optimal noise reduction.

Home vs. studio sessions

Playing at home alone or practicing with a band doesn’t require the best out of best headphones, but still, keep in mind that professional drummers use them continuously. No matter if it’s just a simulation of being on a gig, they aspire to get the best comfort and sound quality they could have.

Vic Firth Stereo Isolation Headphones V2 is a standard for professional drummers in many recording studios if you are playing in a studio.

Multi usage of headphones

Suppose you aspire to be a professional drummer but still need to pay attention to your budget. In that case, you should consider getting headphones that have multipurpose – those you can use during your practice, live performances, in-studio while recording.

You can always go for the Sony MDR-7506, as they are versatile. You may think that they would lack quality, but on the contrary, they can easily fit the standards of professional drummers.

Denis Loncaric

Denis Loncaric

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