Best drum throne with a backrest

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Among us drummers, we tend to have some sort of back problems. Mainly, they are caused by sudden moves while you are on the drums.

You can make things easier with:

  • Right seating position
  • Being Relaxed
  • Good drum throne with a backrest

You will not use a backrest all the time, but it is surely useful to have it by your side when you need it.

Drum thrones I found have few things in common:

  • All are offering premium comfort
  • You can buy a backrest separately

I compared:

  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Price
  • Hardware structure
  • Backrest and hardware system
  • Feet
  • The seat material
Make things easier for yourself and use a comfortable throne with a backrest
dennis mitchell drum that owner
Dennis Mitchell
Owner of DrumThat

Tama Ergo-Rider Quartet – Top pick

Tama 1st chair Ergo-Rider Quartet with Backrest HT741B.



  • Weight: 9.4kg (20.1lbs)
  • Height Range: 20 1/4″ – 26 3/16″
  • 4 legs
  • Backrest
  • Rocklock system
  • 1st Chair height adjustment
  • Tama seat lock
  • Glide-Tite Grip Joint
  • Foot life


  • Seat style
  • Comfort
  • Backrest system
  • Stability
  • Big Seat


  • High price
  • PVC Material

What to expect

This is the best you can get out of a drum throne with a backrest. Labeled as HT741B, it is the best drum throne under Tama 1st Chair line. It is one of the most expensive drum thrones out there but worth every penny.

You can adjust the height by twirling the seat or by twirling the height lock. Its 4-doubled leg makes it stable even better than the hardware construction with 3 legs. What makes its stability even better is that it lowers the distance of the center throne pipe to the floor.

Rocklock system is Tama’s invention made to prevent side to side motion within the base. Glide-Tite Grip Joint is also Tama’s invention designed for a more secure attachment. Seat lock has Two-piece locking system for better throne base to seat connection.

Foot life,”  means a special layer of rubber added between legs and feet to prevent rubber to metal contact.

Since I play very long gigs, I had to find a most comfortable drum throne with backrest. And I found Tama Ergo-Rider Quartet. I have been using it for over 2 years now, and I am enjoying every second on it. There are two structure types of this drum throne, with 3 feet and 4 feet.

What I like

The shape of the seat is quite unique. It is something between the rounded seat and a motorbike one.You can adjust the backrest by the tiny bits. On most thrones, it is possible to adjust the backrest forward/backward and up/down but not the exact angle of it.

That feature makes this drum throne stand out from the others. Also, you can buy a backrest separately. And, the fact that the backrest can be angled makes it perfect for transport. Comfort is the best feature, and it is too good to be true.

The only drum throne (throne system) that is more comfortable than the Tama Ergo-Rider Quartet is BC2 (extra wide throne) by Porter and Davis. It has a very similar seat shape, but it has one more feature that makes it better. It has a speaker inside of the seat, so every time you heat a bass drum you can feel the pulse (impact).

What I don’t like

It is hard to find a bad feature on this drum throne, but there is one. After 1 year of use, my Ergo Rider broke in one place. For the price, it should be more durable, but this could be the only case with the piece that I bought


Taking all under consideration, this is the best drum throne with a backrest that you can find.

Pearl D2500BR – Premium motorbike style seat


  • Big backrest
  • Comfort
  • Hardware quality
  • Stability


  • Height range of 19.49″ – 26.18″
  • Lock / Spin seat bracket
  • High-density foam
  • Reversible StopLock
  • Large rubber feet
  • Big backrest


  • No angle adjustments (backrest)
  • The seat is not versatile

What to expect

In case you like a true motorbike style of seat, this would be the throne for you. Pearl stands for the quality in the drumming community.

Stop lock is there to stop a throne from spinning and it is very solid. And a Lock/Spin seat bracket is another part there to prevent a seat from spinning, The backrest can go back and forth, up and down but it can’t be adjusted by angle. It is quite big and comfortable.

The quality of the hardware is very much like that of Tama Round Rider, but the material of the seat is better. On the other hand, Tama’s seat is more versatile ( great for folks who like a rounded seat).

Whether you like a motorbike seat or not, you will be comfortable in Pearl D2500BR because of the great foam in the seat. But it doesn’t have a memory lock made to memorize the height that suits you

What I like

I had a couple of thrones with a motorbike style seat, so that is fine with me. I like this shape a lot. The throne is really well made, both seat material and the hardware are of superior quality. Pearl, indeed, justified the trust among the drumming world.

What I don’t like

The backrest is very large which is great, but the fact that it can’t be angled like the Tama 1st Round Rider is not so great.

Drum throne of this class should have some sort of memory lock, but this is really not much of a big deal.


If you like a motorbike seat style, this drum throne will suit your needs the best. Durability is a huge factor when it comes to drum equipment, and we all like a durable drumming gear.

I believe Pearl D2500BR will hold the test of time that is for sure.

Gibraltar 9608MB – Best middle range drum throne with a backrest

gibraltar 9608mb drum throne


  • Big backrest
  • Good price
  • Ergonomic seat



  • Top dimensions: 16-3⁄4”W x 14-3⁄4”D x 4-3⁄4”H
  • Extends 20” to 26”. Base: B9608
  • Memory foam in the seat
  • Double-braced legs
  • Memory lock
  • Twirling height adjustment
  • Cordura mixed with vinyl on the seat
  • Unique ergonomic seat shape
  • Big rubber feet


  • Little bit shaky
  • Thinner seat (than Tama and Pearl)
  • No angle adjustments (backrest)

What to expect

Overall, Gibraltar’s products are not too expensive. They fall into middle-range of quality. Leading drumming companies such as Yamaha, Tama, Pearl have a couple of premium lines too out of reach for Gibraltar. Yet, Gibraltar always offers pretty good value for money.

9608MB’s seat is unique. It is not too thick but has some great curves designed to fit your rear. Materials used for the seat are Cordura on top and vinyl on the edges. It is filled with memory foam. The seat height can be adjusted by twirling. And you can memorize your custom height with a memory lock.

The throne has 3 double-braced legs and large rubber feet. What makes it a bit unstable is the screw underneath the seat. No matter how hard you tighten the lock, the seat remains a little bit shaky. The backrest can go only back and forth and up and down.

The seat size is little smaller than Tama and Pearl models. Comfort is great if you don’t have 6-7 hour gigs, but in case you do, go with Tama Round Rider. Another thing good about Gibraltar is that you have the option to buy a backrest separately.

There are two types of a backrest Gibraltar produces:

  • GUBR – fits all their thrones except pneumatic and hydraulic
  • GBR – fits 9608OS and 9608HM throne models

The 9608MB is offered with a backrest as a package, but you can also check out different shapes you might like here. Gibraltar also has a few base variations; this one is labeled as B9608.

What I like

I used this drum throne for a couple of years when the duration of my gigs had not yet increased. It is one of the cheapest drum thrones with a backrest, and it is one of the best in that price range.

Out of the question, it is the best alternative to expensive drum thrones with a backrest. I like the uniqueness of the seat shape and the fact that it can be bought separately.


What I don’t like

The backrest can’t be adjusted by angle so it is not fully customizable. Seat could be thicker, but in its price range, that’s about it. The system underneath the seat is the biggest issue; it is what makes the throne shaky.


This drum throne is the best alternative to much expensive drum thrones, and it is a good value for money. It is for drummers who don’t have long gigs, but they want a throne with a backrest.


All three options that I analyzed are good options. It’s just matter whether you have a budget or needs for the most expensive model and fully adjustable or you are satisfied with cheaper model that is good enough to hold your back.

Tama 1st Chair Round Rider – The best drum throne with a backrest because of the comfort, seat size and customization options

Pearl D2500BR – The best drum throne with a backrest for folks who like classic motorbike seat. Also, a little bit cheaper than Tama.

Gibraltar 9608MB – The best alternative to Pearl and Tama’s model, not so cozy and adjustable but still high quality.


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