Best drum thrones under $150: Reviews and a buying guide

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drum throne under 150

When you are beginning on drums you don’t focus on a drum throne.

The first time you play a gig longer than 4 hours, you realize how critical it is.

I know that drumming gear is pricey so I am constantly searching for the best drum merchandise at a good rate.

These drum throne reviews will help you find the best drum thrones for less than 150 dollars. 





Gibraltar softy drum throne
Gibraltar Softy
  • The memory foam and the 5″ thickness
  • It extends 20″ to 26″
  • Lock system to prevent from shaking


Our #1 Rated


5 out of 5

Tama Superstar
  • The memory foam and the 5″ thickness
  • It extends 20″ to 26″
  • Lock system to prevent from shaking

Our #2 Rated


5 out of 5

dw 5000 round drum throne
DW 5120
  • The size of the seat is 13″
  • Double braced legs for the most stability
  • Cool design – Simple and easy to work with

Our #3 Rated


4 out of 5

Mapex Drum Throne T770
Mapex T770
  • 4 double based legs
  • A backrest
  • 14″ wide x 4″ thick round seat

Our #4 Rated


3 out of 5

gibraltar 9608 drum throne
Gibraltar 9608
  • Double based legs
  • Memory foam
  • Round or motorcycle seat

Our #5 Rated


3 out of 5


What to expect out of $100- $150 drum throne?

In case you play everyday gigs or long gigs (like I do), a good drum chair will become your most vital part of the drum equipment.

Under $150 you may be able to find a good drum throne however medium quality. These drum thrones will have a lack of some features:

  • Plastic – not the highest quality
  • Thickness – some of them are very thin
  • Comfort – Some thrones are thick but not so soft
  • Size – Usually smaller size
  • No backrest – Most of them doesn’t have a backrest but you can buy it separately
  • Shaky – The seat is sometimes a little bit shaky

However, the premium throne will be more expensive so $100 to $150 for a drum throne is a great price.

Yet, if you want to level up your equipment or your gigs aren’t that long, you could consider from one of the best-buy drum thrones under $150.

While buying a drum throne we have a few decisions to make:

  • Budget
  • Without or with a backrest
  • Seat style

How to choose a drum throne?

Something that suits me doesn’t mean that it’ll suit you.

Adjust budget to your needs, drumming gears is expensive so don’t expect too much.

If you play long gigs than your budget needs to be over $250 for a drum throne,

A backrest is a must for a lot of drummers due to back problems that lot of us have. Don’t save your cash, save your back.

If you don’t need a backrest even better, you will pay less for a throne.

Fact that your drum throne has a backrest does not mean that you need to lean back all the time. It is only there to support your back when you need it and you can take it off.

The shape of the drum throne seat is really important because, it is not changeable like a backrest. So, before buying, you need to try both shapes of drum thrones, to see which one will suit you best. 

150 bucks may seem a lot but, in real life these thrones fall into the middle category.

“Reviews of The Best Drum Thrones Under $150 (2020 Edition)”

After I’ve gone over what’s important in finding the best drum throne, let’s see what market has to offer.

I’ve searched for a while and decided to review several of the current top models below $150 for you.

Let’s jump in!

Tama Ergo-Rider



•Weight: 5.3kg (11.1lbs)
•Height Adjustment Range: 485mm – 655mm (19″ – 25 3/4″)

You have two fabric options, cloth or a PVC on the top.

You can adjust the height on 2 ways, by twirling the throne and by twirling the height lock.

It has a “Rocklock” system inside the throne to prevent moving and provides stabilit


  • Memory system
  • Comfort
  • Double based legs
  • Memory foam
  • Two fabric options


  • No backrest
  • Rounded seat only

If you are searching for a company that produces the best drum thrones, Tama should be among your top 3 choices.

Tama 1st chair is an industry standard when it comes to thrones but have in mind that Tama has many levels of this line.

This throne is the medium level drum throne in this line.

What can I expect from this drum throne?

Round rider trio comes in two types of fabric on top.

Both of these drum thrones have a rounded seat. My vote definitely goes to a cloth one.

Wondering why? The reason is simple – when you have a longer gig, you are going to be sweating a lot, so you can get all glued to the throne and the cloth will be more pleasant.

Unfortunately, if you need a backrest with a throne you can forget it with Round Rider.

Finally, if you decide that backrest is a must and you want to stick with Tama, you need to buy  Ergo-Rider Quartet HT741B.

What I like

It has a nice balance and it is definitely comfortable for the people who like a rounded drum throne seat.

Round Rider Trio is the best quality drum throne in this category if we compare seat comfort and overall quality of the components

What I don't like

This model doesn’t have a backrest as an option so for me, this is a big minus due to my back problems. I can only use a throne without a backrest for practicing where I can make a brake whenever I want. So, If you have a back problems I would strongly suggest a drum throne with backrest.


Tama 1st Chair Round Rider is my suggestion for all drummers who want to have a great drum throne without a backrest but not spend a fortune on it.

It will make a 2-3 hour gig very comfortable

Gibraltar Softy

For those who want a most comfortable throne for the price

Gibraltar softy drum throne


  • Top dimensions 13-3⁄4” D x 5” H
  • Extends 20” to 26”. Base: B9608

The memory foam and the 5″ thickness makes this drum throne very cozy and soft.

It extends 20″ to 26″. You can adjust the height by twirling the seat and with a memory lock.


  • High quality
  • Comfort
  • Design options
  • Stability
  • Very thick seat


  • No backrest
  • Lower quality of plastic on the lock

It has a lock system to prevent from shaking and provides stability.

You can find this model by the code 9608SFT and it has few variations of the design for the seat.

Like I said Gibraltar is always offering more for the price so you have 4 finish options of this drum throne

This Gibraltar drum throne is a direct competitor to the Tama Round Rider XL.

They offer almost identical performance & features, but the price of this drum throne is quite cheaper than Tama.

The main question is why is Tama more expensive? Well, in this case, it seems like you are paying for the brand. Sure the quality difference exists but there are some percentages paid only for the brand.

What can I expect from this drum throne?

Gibraltar is always using some plastic that it is not the best. They made all their hardware with this plastic versus Tama and Yamaha who’s plastic is much better.

But for this amount of money, this drum throne is one of the best in the class.

It is very comfortable, the seat is very wide, it is not shaky at all.

Materials used are not the best but they will last. Gibraltar Softy also has 3 double legs so it is quite stable.

You can’t buy a backrest with this throne but either way, it is comfortable and it won’t let you down.

What I like

Gibraltar has a lot of mid-range products so, they are everybody’s first alternative. No matter what they will give you a good price for the middle-range quality and offer a lot of features.

Softy’s seat is thick and wide and that makes it really comfortable. Additional features are the color choices you have with this throne.

What I don't like

The textile used on this throne is not top quality and a Gibraltar plastic is always a minus.

It doesn’t have a backrest and you can’t even add it so, for me this is out of the question due to my back problems.


Gibraltar Softy is most comfortable throne under $15o; they are offering a lot for the price.

I would suggest this drum throne for all drummers who are searching for a comfort and don’t need a backrest.

Gibraltar 9608

For drummers who need a good drum throne with the possibility of adding a backrest

gibraltar 9608 drum throne


Width: 19-5/8″

Height: 7-5/8″

Depth: 20-1/2″

Legs are double braced and inside it has a memory foam so it provides good comfort.


  • Double based legs
  • Memory foam
  • Big and solid rubber feet
  • Memory lock
  • Great price


  • Comfort
  • Thin seat

You can adjust a height by twirling the throne and the memory lock for seating always on the same height.

It extends 20″ to 26″. You can choose between a round seat or a motorcycle seat and for both you can add a backrest.

It has a lock system to prevent from shaking and provides stability.

Gibraltar is currently producing two types of this model. The one with a round drum throne seat has label 9608 and the motorbike type of seat is 9608M.

Gibraltar drum throne 9608MB is the same one but with backrest. This one is great if you have back problems.

What can I expect from this drum throne?

For both 9608 and 9608M, you can buy a backrest separately. The backrest is adjustable, it can be closer to you or far back.

The flaw is that you can’t adjust a backrest precisely by an angle so, sometimes is too far from your back.

Both have the same hardware while the only difference is in the shape of the seat and the material. For a rounded seat, they use PVC and for the motorbike type, they use a Cordura.

The screw underneath the drum seat holds pretty tight. You can adjust the height by twirling the throne. It has a memory lock so, you can memorize your height position and seat always on the same height.

This throne has double braced leg base. It is not shaky and if you seat correctly you should be alright. Beside aluminum on this throne, they have used plastic (not the best one).

If you buy this throne with a backrest you will have some difficulties while transporting it since it is very complicated to take it off after every gig.

What I like

You can buy this drum chair for a good price but if you want a backrest for a throne you will need to pay more.

Memory foam makes it really comfortable while big rubber feet and the hardware make it stable.

What I don’t like

You can detach a backrest but the system is too complicated for taking it off after every gig. Furthermore, if you don’t take it off it takes a lot more space.


I would suggest this drum throne for semi-professional drummers. If you are searching for the best value for the money in a drum throne with backrest this is it.

Above all, for this price Gibraltar is offering a lot, solid comfort and and you can add a backrest.

Mapex T770

For those who want to have a backrest and 4 legs at a good price

Mapex Drum Throne T770


  • The 18″ to 25″ height range
  •  14″ wide x 4″ thick round seat

Height range is between 18″ and 25″. With 4 double based legs it provides stability in the lower part of the throne.

The backrest goes with the throne and you don’t have to buy it independently.

You can adjust the height by twirling the seat and a memory lock is used to memorize your height.


  • 4 legs
  • Great price
  • Backrest


  • Low quality backrest plastic
  • Backrest can't be angled
  • Firm seat
  • Shaky

Mapex is a company that attracted many fans over the last couple of years.

They became popular with a Saturn and Black Panther drum line drum line. Also more and more world known drummers endorse Mapex.

Now they are trying to set up their place on the market when it comes to hardware.

On this list, T770 the only drum throne with 4 legs. This feature may seem very appealing; you can think it is rock solid because of it but the reality is a bit different.

Let’s find out!

What can I expect from this drum throne?

As I said,  Mapex is the company that is trying to set up a position on the drum thrones market. They are offering a lot on the first glance but let’s analyze this.

The quality of the throne itself is not as good as the Tama 1st Chair. You can notice this in the first touch – the materials aren’t nearly as good as Tama’s. Furthermore, the construction doesn’t seem so sturdy.

When we look at the offer Mapex brings for the money, we have a drum throne with 4 and a backrest. Nobody offers that at this price point.

This Mapex drum throne comes with a rounded seat only.

Even more, the seat is quite thick but nearly as soft as you might perceive they offer a drum throne with a tick seat, now that is a catch.

What I like

It is almost impossible to find a drum throne with 4 legs and a backrest at this price. I am sure Mapex will go along with their new drum line and in next couple of years come up with high quality drum thrones.

What I don't like

The seat is tick but in contrast, it is very firm. It looks like a fat pillow waiting for you to fall in and have the most comfortable sleep. The seat is actually quite firm and uncomfortable considering its thickness.

T770 comes with a backrest that can move only back and forth. Like Gibraltar, 9608 model T770 does not have a possibility of small adjustments.

There is also one more issue. This drum throne tends to be very insecure or shaky. The screw underneath the seat is not rock solid and it does not hold the throne on its plays.

“The best example of good adjustment options is a Tama HT741B mentioned above”


I would not give Mapex the best grade for the job they did on this drum throne. But, they are making an effort by offering a throne with a backrest and 4 legs for the price.

This throne will meet the needs of drummers who are trying to get a drum throne with a backrest at a low price.

DW- Drum Workshop 5120

For those who want ultimate simplicity mixed up with high quality

DW- Drum Workshop 5000 Series Tractor Style Throne


  • 20″ min / 27″ max height

The size of the seat is 13″.

You can adjust the seat height by twirling the seat and if you want to memorize your height you can tighten the lock.

It has double braced legs for the most stability.

Only 3 screws on the entire drum throne make DW 5120 one of the simplest on the market.


  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Simplicity
  • 2 seat types
  • Stability


  • Plastic underneath the seat
  • No memory lock

Drum workshop is an American company that established its name as one of the leading drums manufactures.

They are producing one of the most expensive and quality drum line on the market currently which is DW Collector series.

They are not kidding when it comes to hardware either. Many great artists such as Russ Miller, Chris Adler, Dom Famularo us their gear.

It is the same with drum thrones except they do not have as many throne lines and models

What can I expect from this drum throne?

Let me start by saying that Drum Workshop has 2 models in this series. They are being produced with both motorbike and rounded drum throne seat. The one above DW 5120  has a motorbike seat style and DW 5100  has a round seat.

Which one is better is only your preference. Both have a very simple and nice design. They are very durable and not shaky when playing but with all 3 feet hard on the ground.

My vote always goes to the motorbike seat because the shape has more sense. The motorbike throne is not harming your legs in an unpleasant way when you are sitting on it.

This happens a lot if you tend to seat very high. Like you can see on the image above the screw system on the lock is rock solid and very simple-looking. Plastic on the bottom side of the seat is not the best but it is not too shaky when you tighten up the screw.

What I like

It is very comfortable and cozy so, you are going to like this drum throne forever.

If you are playing very long gigs (Like I do), in that case even seating on a cloud won’t be enough.

What I don't like

If I must pick something that is not good on this drum throne that would be the plastic from the bottom side of the seat. It is not very high quality but that really does not make any difference while playing.

It doesn’t have a memory lock or possibility for the throne to memorize your height


DW doesn’t produce a lot of drum thrones so, they put a lot of effort into DW 5120 yet, there is a room for improvement.


For amount under $150, you can find a few pretty decent drums thrones. The best drum throne for you is the one that suits your particular needs the best. 

The higher the budget more the chance to find the right one no matter what shape you choose.

If your regular gigs last no more than 3 hours and if they don’t happen that often you will find a good drum throne under $150.

If I have to choose the winner as the best cheap drum throne without a backrest, my vote will go to Tama 1st chair model. In case you are thinking about a model with a backrest than go with Gibraltar 9608MB, you will get a good value for the price.

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