Best Drum Pads For Home Practice

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practice pad for drummers

If you haven’t decided yet what to buy think about the purpose of a drum pad for home practice.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What size od a drum pad I want/need?
  • Does it need to be very quiet?
  • Do I want a drum pad that I can carryeverywhere?
  • What is my budget?
  • Do I need a drum pad or a drum pad kit?

So, let’s find the best drum pad out there.

Drumeo P4 practice drum pad

p4 drumeo pad


4 different rubber surfaces:

  • Standard gum-rubber – Snare drum feel
  • Harder neoprene-rubber – High tom feel
  • Soft rubber – Floor tom feel
  • Hardest surface – Ride cymbal feel

Size of the drum pad is 10″. It has foam on the bottom of the pad in order to lower the volume.

This drum pad offers the most practice options, it is versatile and creative.

It is designed by Pat Petrillo. The main idea is to mimic different surfaces that real drum kit has.

Some drum pads have too much rebound so, Drumeo wants to avoid that with this drum pad.

This is one of the best drum pads on the market currently and it is one of a kind.

What I like

4 different surfaces make this drum pad very unique.

Foam on the bottom is the great feature that will lower down the volume of the pad.

It will make practicing very interesting.

What I don’t like

Uniqueness comes with the price so the main question is “Is it worth it”?

It’s up to you. P4 is the only drum pad with 4 surfaces so if you decide you need that feature this would be the only option.


This is a premium drum pad. All materials used on this drum pad are high-quality.

Like every premium product, it is not for everyone.

But, if you want the best rubber pad on the market this would be the one.

It is perfect for drummers who want the best drum pad on the market currently

Regular rubber drum pad


Pad is labeled PAD6. 

Size of the drum pads are 6″ and 12″

Great for professionals and newbies, this drum pad is the industry standard.

One of my favorite regular rubber pads is Vic Firth’s drum pad. Regular rubber pads are really similar so I will review the Vic Firth pad. 

The rubber of the pad is high quality.It can be mounted on a cymbal stand. It is quiet and softy. Similar to Vic Firth drum pad is Evans “Real feel”, Vater pad, Rock Jam drum pad… These drum pads and many more are very similar. 

They are made of wood and rubber or two types of rubber. The one used on the bottom as a support and the other used for actual practice. This type of drum pad is most commonly used among the drummers

What I like

I am using it for many years and it is very durable.

It is very soft so, the rebound is great.

What I don’t like

All rubber pads are bad at simulating the real feel from the acoustic drums.

The stick tends to bounce too much. Yet, they are very good for practicing finger control.


When it comes to regular rubber pads it is usually one time only purchase.

They are all very durable, made out of quality rubber that will last for a long time.

Vic Firth pad is not expensive, it is made out of great materials and it is not too loud

Mesh Pad




It uses a mesh head which replicates a real feel on the drums.

There are very few mesh pads out there, my favourite is Sabian QTM10 Mesh pad.

When it comes to reproducing a real feel on the drums, the mesh pads are the best you can get.

You can tighten them to get more rebound or lose them to get more of a reel feel.

The main flaw is that you will have to change a mesh head when it cracks which is inevitable.

The whole drum set made out of this kind of pads is Pearl “Rhythm traveler”.

My choice is definitely a mesh pad, it is quiet and it mimics acoustic drums realistically.

What I like

If I ever decide to buy a new drum pad for practice I will definitely buy one of these.

Nothing simulates the real feel quite as good as the mesh pad.

Possibility of adjusting the head proves that.

It is perfect for silent practice.

What I don’t like 

It is the only drum pad with changeable drum head.

The fact that this drum head will crack from time to time is bad.


If you want to practice silently and with a real feel this is a drum pad for you.

QTM10 is my choice when it comes to a practice drum pad.


Dw – Go Anywhere 


It can be easy folded and packed in a bag.

Hardware is very firm and stable. It comes with 5 pads.

Two pads are 8″ and other two are 10″.

You can attach a drum pedal

I have used one of these for a couple of years and I am still sorry that I sold it. The reason was I needed cash.

If you live in an apartment,you will be able to play Go Anywhere drum kit without hearing your neighbors complaint. It is important to mention that drum throne and a pedal don’t come with a set.

Design of the hardware is very simple so you can pack it up in a few minutes and you are good to go.

What I like                        

You can wrap it up very fast and put it away.

It doesn’t take a lot of space so you can carry it around when you travel.

The rebound is great and it is not too loud either. Hardware is firm and quality.

What I don’t like

The fact that it doesn’t have some imitation of cymbals is a minus.

I am playing a double pedal so, it would be great to have a larger bass drum surface.


You will be able to put away this drum kit easily in a few minutes.

This works for me due to a fact that I don’t have a room for a drum kit in my apartment.

It is very durable and silent, this makes it perfect for practising on the road.


For almost 13 years I am using a Vic Firth’s PAD6. It is very good and durable and I am satisfied with it.

This works fine for me because I do not need anything fancy for practice. I rather spend my money on cymbals and lessons..

Also there is an option of making a drum pad yourself

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